Nefertiti lift Beauty Secret of Hollywood

Beauty of legendary queen of Egypt, Nefertiti is still shaping beauty perception. Sharp jawline and long, tight neck that has become the symbol of beauty with Nefertiti continues to be the dream of many women. Beauty of Nefertiti is no longer a dream with non-surgical Nefertiti lift application.

Botox, as the most popular beauty injection of all times, continues to increase our beauty with different types depending on application region. Nefertiti Botox is one of the Botox types. Recently, Nefertiti lifting is a non-surgical alternative for stronger jawline and eliminating wrinkles around the neck and this has spread to the world after becoming one of the beauty secrets of Hollywood.

Key for young and dynamic face

First thing that attracts our attention in 40 years old and above Hollywood stars is strong jawline and smooth neck and their young look. But older age causes skin deformation and effect jawline and neck region. Sagging and soft regions in jawline as well as wrinkles and sagging in neck region is observed. In some people, due to genetics, their chin and neck seems integrated. This look is called Turkey neck and leads to older look by negatively effecting young and dynamic look of the face.


Nefertiti lift effect

These muscles called platysma are muscle groups that lead to undesired aging signs such as deformation in jawline. As platysma muscle group is contracted, skin sagging and loosening will occur. Nefertiti Botox infection that targets these muscles will slow down contraction of these muscles and eliminate wrinkles and deformation. This application works like muscle laxative and leads to tightening and lifting.

Botox injections are applied to multiple points in muscle groups under neck and jawline and lifts sagging skin. Skin looks tighter and smoother and this region has more aesthetic and dynamic look.

How long does Nefertiti lift effect last?

As in all other Botox injections, Nefertiti Botox will reach peak point after 2 weeks. This peak is preserved for 3-6 months. Regular injections will help preserving and maintaining the effect. This application does not require any recover time. It is possible to have younger and more dynamic look in 5-10 minutes. Since this application is entirely medical, this procedure does have any risk of leaving a mark like surgical operation. There is no side effect like pain or discomfort. After this application, patients can go back to their daily routine.

Who can have Nefertiti Botox

  • Undefined jawline
  • General sagging in face
  • Double chin

Sagging in neck are ideal cases for Nefertiti lift. This operation can be applied to individuals who had face lifting and have deformation around neck region.

Is Nefertiti Botox safe

Botox has been used in cosmetic and for medical treatments for a long time. Clinical studies showed no findings about Botox having negative impacts on health. However, it is important to note that Botox must be applied by an expert doctor. Unconscious injections or excessive injections can cause side effects like pain and bruising in injection region, headache, redness, sagging and temporary face sensitivity.

Is Botox material in Nefertiti lift different?

Botox material is obtained from purified proteins. Although doses change for different areas, Botox content is the same. In each anti-aging Botox injection treatment, same medication content is used.

Skincare after Nefertiti lift

It is possible to increase the effect and duration of this application with skincare and being careful about certain things. Using high SPF sunscreen, quitting smoking, eating healthy, moisturising the skin with suitable products increase the positive effects of this application. Additionally, turning these applications into habits in daily will delay the need for cosmetic treatment.

November 15, 2019


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