Nose Thread Lift

Nose thread lift is a medical procedure of lifting the tip of the nose in a non-surgical way without making any differences in the nose tissue. The painless and comfortable process which inhibits nasal tip droop is a very tempting alternative for people who are afraid of surgeries.

Being located in the center of our face, the nose is one of the most eye-catching points of the face. Disorders in the nose may decrease confidence and put psychological pressure on the person. Eliminating all these problems and feeling much happier is now possible by Non-Surgical Nose Esthetic. 

Nose Thread Lift
Nose Thread Lift

What Is Nose Thread Lift?

It is a medical practice to make curved noses look less crooked and to lift the tip of the nose. It is painless and comfortable and if applied by an experienced doctor it does not even have side effects.

It has the ability to fix the nose shape and profile look. Nasal tip droop restricts the airflow but after the nasal thread lift lack of breathing gets fixed and it provides you comfortable breathing.

How to Operate Nose Thread Lift?

After detecting the person is suitable with the required tests and examinations, the operation area gets cleaned.

After that, by applying local sedatives a painless experience is provided for the client.

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Through a tiny incision nose tip cartilages are hanged to the cartilage support.

And the operation is also called nose tip hanging or nose hanging technique because of the actions in the process. The procedure is done in 30 minutes.

According to the person, and the complaints for lifting the nose bridge 6-10 threads and for lifting the tip of the nose 3-8 threads may be needed.

What Are The Advantages Of Nose Thread Lifting?

-It does not cause bruises or swelling

-Provides high-quality breathing

-Does not require tampons, bandages, or casts.

-Recovery is very fast.

-Does not involve incision or stitch scars.

-Nose bone tissue stays untouched.

-Anyone over the age of 18 who fits the conditions can get the treatment.

Who Are Suitable For Nose Thread Lift?

Unfortunately, this procedure is not suitable for everyone. In able to learn if it is the right choice for you, you need to be examined by a doctor.

But generally, if you have a light curve on your nose, if you only suffer from nasal tip droop, if you don’t have a problem that affects the nose’s functions such as bone curvature or concha, and if you have a tall nose but a narrow nose structure as bone you can very well experience the lift.

Is Nose Thread Lift Safe?

These types of threads that are used in the treatment have been used in surgical operations especially hypodermic and gynecologic interventions.

If done by an experienced doctor, the operation has utmost safety and no risks.

Nose Thread Lift Before And After

 Lift Before And After
Lift Before And After

Nose Thread Lift Prices

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