What Is a Stomach Balloon?

A stomach balloon is a non-surgical practice that is used in obesity treatment to decrease the risks being taken with a surgery. Positive results of non-surgical obesity treatments have become remarkable lately.

If the patient shows compatibility with the diet and exercise programs that are assigned, a stomach balloon may provide approximately 10-kilos of weight loss. In case of discordance to the dieting program regaining the fatback is on the table.

Stomach Balloon
Stomach Balloon

How to Operate Stomach Balloon?

The operation is managed when the patient is under sedatives or general anesthesia. Intra Gastric balloon gets placed into the stomach by the endoscopic method through the mouth. After the balloon is placed it is filled with air until it reaches 500-900 ml or filled with blue serum.

The Stomach Balloon operation will be completed in 5 to 15 minutes. The intervention does not require a stay at the hospital.

After the patient wakes up from the operation, the patient sticks around a little while for a little observation then the patient is free to go home.

After the operation, the patient may suffer from stomach pain and spasms. These post-operative symptoms fade away after the following days.

The patient must follow the exercise and diet programs that are specifically made for the patient.

It is possible to keep off the weight after the stomach balloon comes out if the new lifestyle is adjusted properly. The intragastric balloon must be taken out after 6 to 12 months.

Stomach balloon removal is performed with the help of sedatives.

Who Are Suitable for stomach balloon , Who Are Not?

The balloon technique is performed on the people who are going to get surgical obesity interventions to reduce the surgery risks.

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Also, people with a BMI over 25 can’t get rid of the extra weight even though they follow a diet and exercise program.

Pregnant ladies and people who took cortisol treatment for a long time are not suitable for the stomach balloon operation.

Is There A Chance For Stomach Balloon To Blow Up?

The intragastric balloon does not blow up but it may have leakages, but that’s a very low possibility.

The reason why the stomach balloon is filled with blue paint is to detect the leakage easily. In case of a leakage in the stomach balloon, the patient’s urine is tempted to have a greenish color.

When this kind of scene occurs, the stomach balloon has to be checked if it is in the right location and if the capacity of the balloon has changed or not.

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