About Us

Estheticland, that gives service with its’  A+ international hospital and a quite well-known clinic in the heart of Istanbul, continues to improve the quality of life of the patients. Our aim has always been to provide the best service with the most qualified doctors and teams to people from all over the world. We have been taking sure steps on how to raise the health standards by means of our advanced technology without compromising the medical ethics with the principle of “Living healthy and happy is everybody’s fundamental right.”

In the light of its 17 years of experience, Estheticland has always kept providing the most privileged services by using the latest technologies and techniques in order to get the best results and ensure the satisfaction of all the patients. Herein, our enterprise has reached a leading position in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey.

Our Mission

 Our International Patient Unit which can give services in 5 different languages, is committed to planning a privileged organization chart consisting of counseling services during and after their travels, diagnosis, treatment, transportation, translation and accommodation arrangements. A customized program is prepared far beyond the expectations of the patients coming to Turkey for treatment aiming that they return their country in peace and start a new life with their new physical appearance in a healthy way.

Our establishment aims to create a model in Turkey and become one of the referenced academic medical institutions in the world with its’ good reputation arising from excellence in health services, determination of satisfaction of patients and their companions with our high-quality teams, modern infrastructure, and leading implementations.

Our Vision

 Estheticland, with the responsibility of being one of the leading private hospitals in Turkey, meets the expectations and needs of the patients and is always open to innovation. Thus, our vision is to offer the recent developments in the field of medicine in the world to provide our patients simultaneously. In accordance with these characteristics, we are committed to providing services to our people in a favorable and integrated structure at the highest level reached by medicine at every stage of diagnosis and treatment.