Turkey is the top country in the world for hair transplants with experienced surgeons, advanced technology, and relatively low prices which are a plus for many people who suffer from hair loss. So, that gives courage to men about their ‘life-changing decision. After Hair Transplant in Turkey Men’s gets the best results with the latest methods such as Micro FUE, DHI, and Sapphire.

Package offers for foreign patients include pickup from the airport, hotel accommodation, the surgery itself, and tourism. The patients are buying a very high-quality treatment at a quarter of the normal cost in some other countries. Many of them take the opportunity to see the city as well.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Techniques

hair transplantation

FUE Hair Transplant


Hair loss can often be a huge problem for men. Bald areas, hair loss or hair thinning might decrease self-confidence level. What is more, hair loss can lead to serious psychological problems. Recently, FUE hair transplant offers a solution for hair loss.

This is a surgical operation that transplants hair with FUE method. FUE method is the abbreviated form of follicular hair extraction. Actually, there is a general misconception about this method. In most cases, many people think that FUE is the actual hair transplant operation. But this is not true.

hair transplantation

DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair transplant is one of the hair transplant methods. Hair transplant is offered as a solution to hair loss. Many men around the world experience hair loss. This problem can occur in all men regardless of age or race. It is possible to experience hair loss in early 20s. Or in some cases, men lose their hair in their 50s. In either case, men feel less self-confident about themselves when they experience hair loss.

To increase their confidence level and to get their hair back, hair transplant surgery is a common practice among men. This surgery has been in our lives since the 80s. However, methods have significantly changed from that day until this day. Currently, doctors are practicing methods that give natural hairline results. In addition to skills and expertise of the doctor, hair transplant method also plays an important role for that natural look.

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Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant


Hair loss is a big problem for men. For this reason, men look for a solution to this problem. Sapphire Fue Hair transplant is a surgical operation that ends hair loss problem. In recent years, hair transplant has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations. Increasing number of men are choosing this method to restore hair.

This operation first started in 1980s. However, hair transplant has come a long way since 80s. In the past, there was only one method to restore hair. This method was called FUT – follicular unit transplant. But FUT method causes scarring at the back of the head. Although patients got their hair back, they might still feel uncomfortable about scarring.