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Avrasya Hospital, which is based on ``patient and patient satisfaction`` and ``patient rights`` in all its services, is the first private healthcare institution to be awarded the ``Consumer Friendly Gold Quality Award``. There are ``Healthcare Institution of the Year``, ``Brand of the Year in Healthcare``, ``Golden men who make brands into brands`` awards from organizations such as the Consumer magazine, the Protection of All Consumers Association, and the International First Business magazine.


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doc dr ali durmuş

Assoc. Dr. Ali DURMUŞ

Obesity Surgeon

Main Services
Breast Surgery
Stomach Balloon
Stomach Clamp (Adjustable Silicone Gastric Band)
Stapling the stomach
Regular appointment
Obesity Surgery
Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Stomach) Surgery

dr mustafa aydınol

Dr. Mustafa AYDINOL

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mustafa Aydınol was born in 1986 in Mersin. After graduating from Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine, he completed his specialization in Dicle University Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department.

dr emre gonenc baygol


Plastic Surgeon


Rhinoplasty(Nose Job)
Lip Filler
Under Eye Light Filling
Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Abdominal Stretching
Butt Lifter

dr ahmet alp

Ahmet ALP

Plastic Surgeon

Ahmet ALP, who was born in Erzincan in 1983, graduated from Erzincan High School, where he studied high school, in 1999 with first place. Pamukkale Uni. Dokuz Eylül University, where he started his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Medicine, with a horizontal transfer.


What some of our patients say about us

Loved the place! They were really nice, very clean and professional. They have almost everything! If I visit turkey again It will be there first place I go to. I highly recommend them 🙂
maream hasan
maream hasan
04:47 23 Oct 21
I always feared from hair transplant but now I am happy. I got a hair transplant surgery one year ago, now I have my new look thanks to Estheticland. Thank you again for your treatment.
Çiftlik Ekipman
Çiftlik Ekipman
13:52 04 Feb 20
Guils was very friendly and sweet she helped me so much and took good care of me. She is very professional. She booked my a surgery for me and gave me all the details and information plus more. Once I got to the hospital she was there to help assist me and even after the surgery she continued to check up on me. I had an amazing experience with her 🙂 definitely coming back!
Rabia Salim
Rabia Salim
18:26 23 Nov 22
I had a rhinoplasty surgery in here. It was a good experience for me. I saw another country with lots of different culture. I stayed one week more in Turkey for this surgery. Estheticland is an safe place and hospital. Great doctors and personel. I learned them when I am in England from another friend who was here, I am glad to listened him.
Hammon Nestemon
Hammon Nestemon
15:58 05 Oct 19
I had revision rhinoplasty and breast implants last month. Every step of the process was planned professionally by Gulis. My doctor was the best I am very happy about the results. They always check up on me during the healing process they are great 👍🏻
wearethestars earth
wearethestars earth
11:17 06 Feb 23
I had rhinoplasty 4 months ago Gulis was my coordinator she took care of everything she is very sweet and professional doctor and the hospital was very good wonderful experience
Jan Havin
Jan Havin
16:07 04 Feb 23
I did hair transplantation in April. They were so nice and friendly. I got almost 3.000 grafts and now they grew up so fast. I have hair :)) Thank you so much for everything. I recommend all people!
11:41 28 Aug 19
I had buccal fat removal and fox eye from estetikland clinic they took such good care of me gulis was very professional my doctor was very careful and caring thank you
kontrol app
kontrol app
11:18 05 Feb 23
Thank you for my rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. Dr. Emre Gonenc Baygol was a helpful and expert plastic surgeon. Also their location is at central of Istanbul. Easy to find and after surgery, they help you for the recovery process.
Ruaridh Lindsay Mullen
Ruaridh Lindsay Mullen
07:12 23 Oct 19
When I am in Australia, I was working for an construction firm, I had an bad injury and it made me look bad. My company didn't provide a treatment for me. Because of this bad sitution I need to a cheap but quality esthetic and plastic surgery clinic. I found Dr. Emre Gönenç Baygöl on internet. I contacted with him and he called me to Turkey. He and his team on Estheticland cured my injury on face. Now, there is only a small trace on my face but it is not prominent or important. While I am recovering, they always supported me with their communication team, answered my questions. Also they provided me to hotel, food and transportation. I can recommend them to you with confidence.
Onur Kılıçarslan
Onur Kılıçarslan
07:23 27 Aug 19
Amina Chauhan
Amina Chauhan
11:30 29 Nov 22
اجريت عمليه زراعه الشعر في مركز استاتيك لاند في اسطنبول للامانه المركز افضل مراكز الشعر في تركيا اشكر الطبيب والكادر الطبي والمنسق محمد علي صبرهم وتعاملهم الراقي واشكرهم على الدقه في المواعيد .خصوصا اشكر من صدق محمد الذي قام بعمل اكثر من المتوقع
lachiri anass
lachiri anass
13:43 18 Jan 22
9. Ay gerçekten harika ötesi sonuç sizlere sonsuz teşekkürler iyiki varsınız özellikle hilal hanım gerçekten sürecin başından sonuna kadar hep yanımda oldu iyiki varsınız Estetikland ailesi sonsuz teşekkürler ❤️
Ferhat Karnas
Ferhat Karnas
16:08 23 Jan 23
Estetiklandte ameliyat oldum. Çok ilgili ve profesyonel yaklaştılar. İlk başta Gülis karşıladı, çok sıcakkanlıydı. Her şeyi ayarlamışlardı. Doktorum bütün sorularımı cevapladı, cok memnunum Gülise ve Estetiklande teşekkür ederim, iyi kiiii 😍
Ayşe Gül Günay
Ayşe Gül Günay
16:37 05 Feb 23
After my long research, I decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. And I called Estheticland. After Doktor Resit Burak Kaya gave me an appointment, I came to Turkey and performed my rhinoplasty surgery. He and Estheticland gave the nose job which I want. I am glad to give this decision.
Gopinder Kumar (Gopi)
Gopinder Kumar (Gopi)
11:55 24 Nov 19
I had a lipo suction , tummy tuck and breast implant change. My sister and I communicated with Gulis and she got us all the information needed. She was responsive all the time and answered all the questions we had. Such a sincere, nice and professional lady. She booked our transportation and surgery, we didnt have to worry about a thing , she was waiting for us at the Hospital the day of surgery. She stayed all day and kept in touch and always was there to answer questions and to check on us. Thank you Gulis for making our experience less stressful.I have to also mention Kadir, our driver. He is so friendly and always on time.Dr Emre performed the surgeries. He is very professional and knows what he is doing, very friendly and comforting. I highly recommend 👌
Mira Elalee
Mira Elalee
09:26 21 Jan 23
I had surgery with Dr. Emre. He performed Vaser liposuction on my stomach .I could literally see the amazing results right after surgery!! Speaking of surgery, I was sore, but not in pain. The soreness that I had was equivalent to a workout burn. He also gave me all the right mediations which eased the recovery process post OP.Dr. Emre is also incredibly friendly and talented.I want to also say that his staff are warm and naturally friendly. Gulis was my patient coordinator and through it all she communicated well with me. She’s so incredibly friendly , reactive and supportive.I’m now 2 weeks post op and I look and feel great!!I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Emre, He is Certified in Plastic Surgery Istanbul and has an excellent reputation.
16:10 24 Nov 22
Tuve la operacion de gastrectomia en manga, hace 4 meses. Todavía estoy en el período de dieta. Perdí casi 35 kilos. El profesor es genial y tan experimentado. Puedo decir que uno de los cirujanos más destacados del mundo trabaja en Estheticland.También nos gusta el personal del hospital. Eran muy amables y muy serviciales. Y todavía están en contacto conmigo y siguen haciéndome preguntas sobre mi estado de salud regularmente. También, muchas gracias por la hospitalidad.
Bartolo Fajardo Vernaldino
Bartolo Fajardo Vernaldino
07:24 17 Oct 19
The best
09:11 21 Nov 22
Rhinoplasty is normally a dangerous surgery. However, my Rhinoplasty operation with Estheticland was good. After 15 days, my tapes came out, and now everything is fine.
Gizem Yılmaz
Gizem Yılmaz
21:07 13 Nov 19
It was my first time for surgery i felt very nervous at first. I would say that everyone at the clinic was very helpful, reassuring and kind.I truly believe that the doctor did an amazing job with my nose. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone, you will not regret it! enjoyed my time with them:)
10:50 24 Nov 22
Dr. Gorkem and his team were amazing when I got my rhinoplasty done last week. After 5 days I was good to fly back to the USA because they made sure I was safe thtough the whole process. His assistant Gulus was always there for me when I needed her, she made me feel at peace. Dr. Gorkem is so easy to talk to, he gives you confidence and hears your concerns. That being said, I thank you all for this amazing experience!!! Greetings from Cynthia 🙏🙏
Phil 4:13
Phil 4:13
18:24 14 Jan 23
מרפאה מקצועית ואסתטית, צוות מדהים . תודה לגליס והילל המקסימות על העזרה והמענה בכל זמן
ספיר עזריה לוסקי
ספיר עזריה לוסקי
05:36 28 Jan 23
I had a rhinoplasty surgery and nose job, everything was absolutely amazing and I will definitely be back for botox and filler ! Thank you so much for a great experience!
Beyzanur Oto
Beyzanur Oto
02:56 05 Feb 23
I had liposuction and tummy tuck surgery the surgery process was hard but estetikland made it so easy for me gulis was with me all the time I trusted my doctor very much and the results are good thank you
Seda Menekşe
Seda Menekşe
15:54 04 Feb 23
Bursadan istanbula burun estetiği için gittim bir arkadaşımın tavsiyesi üzerine. Çok memnunum şu an burnumdan ayrıca gülis hanım da çok ilgiliydi kesinlike 5 yıldızı hak ediyor
19:23 04 Feb 23
I came Istanbul for bussiness trip. I had some extra kilos before here while in NYC. Because of these my skin looked bad. After two seassion skin care and treatment in Estheticland, every stain in my skin passed. Also their personal is really chatty and sweat. 🙂
Bianca Valenzuela
Bianca Valenzuela
20:02 05 Sep 19
Great personel with exceptional doctors. I had a nose job surgery, my recovery was fast and soft thanks to their support. Also, Mr. Onur and Volkan were helpful to me while I am there. Thank you Estheticland.
Nour Alamaq
Nour Alamaq
22:38 15 Sep 19

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May 20, 2022
The installation of breast implants is the most widely performed procedure globally, with nearly 1.8 million procedures in 2019 (source ISAPS). Around 400,000 women have already taken the ...
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FAQ Answers

Is sleeve gastrectomy risky?

The risk rate in international data shows 0.2-0.4%. This risk rate is the same as any other operation. As in other surgical operations, risks could be decreased with doctor experience, team experience, equipment quality, correct equipment use during sleeve gastrectomy operation. As in all other surgical operations, doctor selection is extremely important in bariatric surgery.

Is hair transplantation painful?

Hair transplantation is not painful. Due to the local anesthesia, the treatment for the patients is completely pain-free.

Is the success of hair transplantation permanent?

Remaining with a self-hair transplantation success is, means that the hair grows lifelong, as normal hair also.

How is the Fat distributed in men and women?

In women, fat or adipose tissue tends to distribute on the thighs and hips. “When fat is distributed in this way, it is called peripheral obesity or gynoid-type obesity. It is what is popularly known as pear-shaped distribution ”, indicates Miguel Angel Rubio, of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Madrid. In men, it accumulates, especially in the trunk and abdomen. This obesity is called android, central or apple-shaped. Fat distribution depends on hormonal and genetic factors and can determine the risk of certain diseases. In fact, people with abdominal obesity are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease.

Does the transplanted hair a life grow long?

After self-hair transplantation, the hair grows in a natural way lifelong.

Are the standards of the hospitals how high in Turkey?

The hospitals for hair transplantations are ISO9001:2008 certified, as well as of our management before examines. We obtain only hospitals, which we convinced and after the newest European Union standards to practice. Absolute hygiene and most modern technologies, as well as highly-qualified personnel, are in any case guaranteed.

Does gastric balloon rupture?

The intragastric balloon does not have to rupture risk but it can leak. This balloon is inflated with blue liquid to detect any leakage. When there is any leakage, the patient’s urine will turn green. This way, it is easier to detect any leakage. When this happens, you need to contact your doctor as balloon location and volume need to be checked.

Do non-surgical operations guarantee weight loss?

Both surgical or non-surgical operations and applications do not guarantee weight loss alone. After the operation, patients need to fully cooperate and follow the personal program. These are the main conditions to lose weight and sustain weight loss after these operations. Otherwise, the patient can fail to lose weight or preserve this weight.

Is dental implant risky?

Although it is rare, there are risks in implant treatment. But by choosing an expert doctor and high-quality implant brands as well as oral care and hygiene can eliminate these risks.

Does implant damage chin bone?

Before implant treatment, the jawbone of the patient is assessed. Jawbone must have suitable to place the implant. Otherwise, a dental implant is not possible. When high-quality and approved implants are used and if an expert doctor completed this treatment, the jawbone will not get damaged. امداد خودرو . امداد خودرو هیوندای

What is advanced implant treatment?

If the patient does not have sufficient jawbone for the implant, we have mentioned that doctors need to find a solution to this problem. Advanced implant treatment includes solving bone loss problems and applying implant treatment. If bone loss is mild, calf bone dust and membrane are used as a tent to create new bone. If bone loss is advanced, the patient’s own bones are used for forming jawbone. Advanced implant treatment requires experience and expertise.


The active ingredient used in bleaching is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. This compound attacks and breaks up the dark molecules that are inside the enamel.

The peroxide concentration varies depending on the procedure chosen. The higher the content of active agents, the shorter the exposure, and vice versa.

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