Breast Reduction

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Larger breasts are one of the beauty factors of women could bring health problems. Breast reduction operationsare demanded cosmetic reasons as well as back, waist, and neck pain, skin conditions that could lead to injection, and respiratory problems.

Breast reduction operations can also be applied to men who experience “gynecomastia” as well as women. Individuals need to complete physical development for breast reduction. Therefore, the lower age limit for breast reduction is 18 years old. Anyone without health problems that prevent surgical operations or anesthesia can have a breast reduction aesthetic for cosmetic or health reasons.

Why is breast reduction needed

  • Enlarged breasts due to pregnancy, weight gain, and age.
  • Hump due to breast weight; back, waist or neck pain,
  • Problem to complete daily routine due to large breasts
  • Irritation, rash or other skin problems or skin problem-related infection under the breast
  • Asymmetry problem between two breasts
  • Nipple sagging
  • Collapse in shoulders
  • Problems to find suitable underwear among reasons for breast reduction.

How is breast reduction in women applied?

Breast Reduction in Turkey
Breast Reduction in Turkey

Before the operation, the desire and need of the patient are identified and the operation is planned after determining the breast cup. On the day of the operation, general anesthesia is applied and excess breast fat tissue, breast skin, and gland tissue are removed. Nipples are repositioned for an aesthetic look and the operation region is sutured. Breast reduction operations approximately last for 3-4 hours.

1-day hospitalization is recommended after breast reduction operations. Breast tissue and sutures are observed by checked with once a week’s physical examination. Sutures are removed 2 weeks after the surgery. If absorbable organic sutures are used, sutures will fall on their own. There will not be pain or discomfort during the operation. However, postoperative pain and discomfort can be experienced. Prescribed pain killers are sufficient to eliminate post-operative pain and discomfort. The special bra must be used for 1 month after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Operation and Process

A breast reduction operation usually takes place under anesthesia. The length of hospital stay in a clinic or hospital varies from one to a few days. Breast reduction is an intervention that results in large scars. It is also quite a long operation, about two to three hours. Since the chest is on the surface, the operation is not particularly heavy or invasive for the patient. The pain is generally bearable. This intervention does not require staying in bed for a long time. The bleeding that accompanies it is usually limited and blood transfusions are unnecessary in practice.

There are different techniques for reducing breast size. When choosing the operating technique, the experience and personal achievements of the cosmetic surgeon certainly play a role. All techniques have in common the removal of excess skin and fatty and glandular tissue in order to restore its shape to the breast and reduce its volume and weight. The nipple, which must be repositioned upwards, remains in contact with the body and keeps its own blood circulation.

In most cases, standard techniques offer good results. Certain specific situations may however require other techniques. Thus, in a young woman suffering from only limited overweight breasts, the corrections can be made so that there is only one scar around the areola. In general, drains are placed at the level of the incision. These are small, thin plastic pipes that come out of the body and are connected to a vacuum bottle. They drain blood or secretions from the body and can be removed after a day or more. After the operation, you will need to wear a compression bra. After a few days, you can put on normal support.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Before the operation, the cosmetic surgeon shows the woman, with drawings on the chest, how he intends to incise. The resulting size largely determines the final shape of the breasts.

During the creation of this template, the question of the size of the new breasts will be discussed with the patient. Within certain limits, personal wishes can be taken into account.

Patients should be aware that the plastic surgeon may try to reach a B cup but cannot guarantee it. He also takes care of the symmetry of the breasts but cannot assure it. Also, breasts rarely show perfect symmetry, but most women are unaware of it.

Many women with heavy breasts have a full or massive figure. In the event of obvious overweight, they are advised to start by losing weight. Subsequently, breast reduction can be considered while respecting the new shape of the patient.

If the period of weight loss follows breast reduction, the breasts will follow the movement, soften and deform.

The areola of heavy breasts is often considered too large. During the intervention, it is therefore reduced. The classic diameter is about 4 cm.

After the intervention, 6 months after the operation:

Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast Reduction Operation and Pain

In proportion to the duration of the intervention and the size of the incisions, breast reduction is not, for most patients, a very painful operation. With a little help, the operator will be able to get out of bed after 24 hours and take care of herself.

To find out what you can and cannot do after breast reduction, just say that anything the body can do easily and painlessly is allowed. Scars do not require special care after the operation.

In the case of external stitches, the threads will be removed after seven to fifteen days. Then shower and bath will be allowed. It is advisable to wear a compression bra day and night for the first three weeks after surgery. Then, wearing the compression support can be limited to the day. When the stitches have been removed, you can carefully massage the scars, areolas, and breast skin once or twice a day with a moisturizer.

In the case of breast reduction, scars are important. They are located around the areola, in the submammary groove, and are connected by a vertical line. After this type of operation, the scars more or less have the shape of an anchor.

Sometimes the incision resolves so well that the scar is barely visible. However, it is there. At first, the scars are often red and thick. Over the months or years, the scars will whiten and the redness will disappear. However, the width of the scar remains.

How is breast reduction in men applied?

Excessive breast development in men can be eliminated with different methods depending on the reason for this condition. Excessive alcohol consumption, hormonal problems, steroid treatment, certain chronic diseases and tumors, bad eating habits, or some infection can cause excessive breast development in men.

Gynecomastia can occur in one or both breasts. Breast development in men can occur in 3 different forms as hormonal gynecomastia, fat-based v, and fat-based hormonal gynecomastia.

Hormonal gynecomastia is caused by hormone imbalance and excess estrogen hormone segregation. This type of gynecomastia will develop in breast tissue. In hormonal gynecomastia treatment, liposuction and excision are applied together. Fat-based gynecomastia is the gynecomastia type that causes breasts to look larger due to fat accumulation in breast tissue after gaining weight. Liposuction is the most effective method for treatment. Fat-based and hormonal gynecomastia is the rarest form of gynecomastia. This type causes breasts to look bigger due to fat-based and hormonal reasons. Liposuction and excision are applied together.

Breast Reduction in Turkey price
Breast Reduction in Turkey

Does breast reduction prevent breastfeeding?

Some breast reduction techniques may lead to a 20% decrease in breast milk. amount. Therefore, when the breast reduction method is selected for women, it is important to consider whether women are planning to have a child. If the connection between milk glands and nipple are preserved during a breast reduction, there will not be any problem with breastfeeding. But it may not be possible to reduce the breast and keep this connection for cases with extremely large breasts. Therefore, it is important to inform the doctor if the patient is planning to have a child.

Breast Reduction FAQ

Does operation leave any mark?

After the operation, the cut mark is visible. However, this mark will fade over time. There is no visible mark after the operation.

Does breast reduction cause nipple numbness?

After the operation, nerves in the nipple are not damaged. Therefore, there will not be nipple numbness if the patient is operated on by an expert doctor.

Is breast lifting possible during breast reduction?

It is possible to simultaneously apply breast lifting and breast reduction.

Do breasts grow after the operation?

If patients gain weight after the operation, breast growth is possible. However, there will not be breast growth if the patient preserves his/her current weight.

When can breast reduction operations be applied after childbirth?

After childbirth, hormone levels must go back to normal levels for breast reduction. Breast reduction operation is possible 3-6 months after breastfeeding.

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