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    Buttock Augmentation

    Buttock augmentation is a surgical operation in the form of silicone implants or fat injection to lift the butt and have firmer look. Buttock Augmentation in Turkey is applied with different techniques for buttock enlargement, butt lift or buttock reduction. This operation is known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and it is the most successful for a rounder and attractive buttock.

    Thin women have flat buttock and this can increase dissatisfaction and discomfort when wearing pants. Excessive weight gaining and weight loss might deform butt and buttock could look larger or flatter than it is. Due to genetic reasons, some women might have a large waste and buttock angle. If the buttock is flatter and smaller than desired and silicone implants cause a larger buttock, the liposuction method can be used for giving the desired shape. If the body shape of the patient is suitable, fat cells collected from different parts of the body can be injected to butt to reshape butt.

    Buttock contouring with lipo injection (fat injection)

    Fat injection buttock aesthetic is injection fat tissue removed from different places of the body to buttock for enlarging or lifting after a certain process. buttock lifting with fat injection is generally necessary in patients who have lost too much weight. Because weight loss might cause sagging. Today, some people argue that buttock lifting is only possible with sutures. But the lifted look that is caused by post-operative edema after sutures only last for 3 months.

    buttock augmentation

    Lipoinjection technique does not use fat tissue from other people. Fat cells used in the operation must belong to the patient. Fat injection is applied under general anesthesia and this operation can take 1.30 hours. Buttock lift with fat injection operation is relatively new compared to other methods and in 1.5 years after the operation, 20-30% of injected fat disappears. The remaining fat is permanent.

    After the operation, patients must wear special compression clothing that looks like a corset (for 2 weeks). Patients can back to light daily routines 3 days after the operation. After the operation, post-operative edema and bruising will disappear in 2 weeks. Lipoinjection operation leads to satisfactory results as the region where the fat is removed looks thinner and the injected region has the desired shape.

    Buttock lifting with a silicone implant

    In buttock augmentation, silicone implants are often preferred when the patient is too thin (when there are not enough fat cells to inject). At the same time, silicone implants can rarely be used for lifting. While doing lifting that fits body proportion, minimum fluid-solid silicone implants are used. Silicone implants in buttock augmentation are different from breast implants. Silicone implants can be used for a lifetime and this method increases self-confidence levels of the individuals.

    This operation is applied under general anesthesia. It will take 3 hours and patients can go back to social life, work-life and normal life in one week. In this operation, the tail end is cut and special pockets inside the muscles are created on both sides of the butt. Silicone implants are placed inside these pockets and the boundary between surrounding tissues and implants are drawn with special capsules. Patients can stand 24 hours after the operation. After the operation, sitting can be challenging for the first 1-2 weeks but this discomfort will disappear in a short time. You need to avoid physically demanding and challenging actions as long as your doctor recommends you do that.

    Buttock reduction aesthetic

    Buttock reduction aesthetic is preferred when buttock is larger than it should in case of weight gain or due to genetic reasons. Buttock reduction aesthetic can be applied with classical liposuction or vaser liposuction methods. In operations with traditional liposuction, fat cells collected from buttock based on patient’s needs and desires can be used for shaping different body parts.

    Buttock augmentation prices in Turkey

    Buttock augmentation success rates in Turkey are top-ranked around the world. When the price-performance graph for these operations are analyzed, it is seen that prices are affordable with a high success rate. If you want to learn operation price and ask all the details, you can contact us and learn more from our expert consultants.

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