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Vaginal aesthetic in Turkey are demanded to improve vaginal look and eliminate psychologic and functional problems. Demand for vaginal aesthetic is increasing every day and this aesthetic involves labiaplasty, vulva aesthetic, clitoropexi, hymen repair and vaginoplasty. Almost all patients are satisfied with successful operations results.

Dissatisfaction with genital and vaginal region can trigger insecurity and shame, reduce pleasure from sexual intercourse which causes problems between spouses. Inner or outer vulva deformation can cause discomfort when wearing swimsuit, leggings or skinny jeans. Sagging or deformation of vaginal region can be eliminated with vaginal aesthetic.

Why do women need vaginal aesthetic?

Main reason women need vaginal aesthetic is genital shape deformations. Age, vaginal birth, genetics and gynaecological operations can lead to genital shape deformations. Inner vulva asymmetry or different asymmetry problems large or long inner vulva (due to genetics), sagging, discoloration, inelasticity and structural deformation (due to multiple births), reduced sexual pleasure after childbirth, urinary incontinence, bulging, low outer vulva volume causes women to need vaginal aesthetic operation.

Vaginal aesthetic surgery alternatives:

Vaginal aesthetic operations have multiple alternatives depending on patient’s complaints.

Labiaplasty: One of the most common genital cosmetic problem is inner vaginal lip sagging or larger inner lips and inner lip aesthetic is applied to solve this problem. When inner lips do not cover outer lips, this does not cause any health problem but causes unattractive look. This could be caused by genetics as well as childbirth and excessive weight gaining.

Labia majora aesthetic: This is applied when labia majora have deformation or saggy look. It is mostly due to genetics but it can also occur in low weight. This could be treated with lipoinjection method (injection fat cells collected from the patient).


Hymenoplasty: This operation is known as hymenoplasty: This is an operation to repair hymen. This could be applied if pieces of hymen are there. It is not possible to find these pieces if patient had multiple sexual intercourse or given birth.

Vaginoplasty: This operation is known as vaginoplasty. This operation aims to increase sexual pleasure. Tightening and firming enlarged vagina will increase sexual pleasure for both women and men. Patients are operated under general anaesthesia and this operation is completed in approximately 1 hour.

Clitoropexi: This is applied if there is excessive skin of clitoris or clitoris has deformation. Clitoris problems are caused by genetics and these are inherent. These problems cause undesired results in anatomic and cosmetic sense and decreases sexual pleasure and leads to orgasm problems. This operation removes the excess skin on clitoris.

Does vaginoplasty prevent normal birth?

None of the vaginal aesthetics including vaginoplasty does not prevent normal birth. However, vagina can expand again when patients give birth after vaginoplasty.

If there are multiple vaginal problems, it is possible to eliminate all these problems with one operation.

With total vulva (vaginal correction) surgery, it is possible to work on clitoris, do vaginoplasty and intervene with inner-outer vulva in one operation.

How long do I need to wait to have sexual intercourse after vaginal aesthetic?

Sexual intercourse is forbidden for 6 weeks in vaginoplasty and until sutures fall (approximately 2-3 weeks) for labiaplasty. After these periods (if doctor gave approval), patients can have sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Aesthetic Cost in Turkey

Vaginal aesthetic operations have multiple alternatives. Each operation is prices based on certain parameters and equipment properties. Vaginal aesthetic in Turkey have successful results and these operations are more affordable compared to other countries. You can contact us for all your questions about vaginal aesthetic and learn more about from our expert consultants.

November 15, 2019


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