Cosmetic surgery is highly popular among women and men. Everyone wants to have a firmer body. Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey will help individuals to have the body in their dream. Both men and women can have this operation. In abdominoplasty, the belly region is corrected.

Generally, both men and women experience fat accumulation around their bellies. In most cases, it is impossible to remove this fat with exercise and diet. Also, the belly might have saggy look or lack the firmness that is desired. This might happen due to fast weight loss, after pregnancy, or gaining too much weight.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) operation enables correcting saggy look around the belly area. In this operation, excessive fat and skin are removed from the body. In some cases, abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction. At the first stage, liposuction will remove the accumulated fat. Then, the doctor will remove excess skin. In this procedure, the belly button will be shaped as well. This operation will correct all undesired looks around the belly area.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

There are different clinics that offer Tummy Tuck surgery in Turkey. Turkey has become one of the leading countries in the cosmetic surgery field. Doctors in Turkey are skilled and experienced surgeons. For this reason, more and more people are choosing this country and having Tummy Tuck surgery in İstanbul.

Clinics in İstanbul are offering high-quality services from patients all over the world. With the increasing demand for cosmetic operations, clinics are providing extensive service for foreign patients. Now, it is possible to have a translator and interpreter to help the patients during their operations. All these factors that ease the process make Turkey and especially İstanbul one of the popular destinations for abdominoplasty operation.

Other things that make İstanbul popular are affordable Tummy Tuck prices and amazing entertainment opportunities. Price is an important factor to decide on surgery. Since cosmetic surgeries are not included and paid under health insurance, patients need to pay for their own expenses. At this point, Tummy Tuck’s operation cost plays an important role.

Also, patients need to stay in that city for about 1 week. During this week, patients can discover amazing historical places in İstanbul. There are lots of places to visit in İstanbul that do not require any physical effort. So, patients can discover this beautiful city while recovering from abdominoplasty surgery.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery in turkey

Abdominoplasty is considered one of the most effective bodies shaping operations. It is possible to use the fat collected with liposuction in body contouring.  Abdominoplasty and body contouring can be combined. This way, patients can have two operations at the same time.

Is Abdominoplasty Surgery and Tummy Tuck Same?

In fact, abdominoplasty surgery is often known as the tummy tuck. This is the common name among non-medical individuals. Abdominoplasty is the medical term for this operation. It does not matter which term is used. When patients visit a doctor and say they want to have a tummy tuck, the doctor will understand that they want to have an abdominoplasty. For this reason, it is okay to use either one of these terms.

How Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Operated?

Tummy Tuck is operated under general anesthesia. For this reason, patients who want to have this operation must be suitable to take general anesthesia. If you are not suitable for general anesthesia, it is not possible to have this operation. Instead, you might consider alternative operations and procedures for a firmer body.
After general anesthesia, the doctor will make a cut under the belly. This cut is necessary for this operation. However, this scar will fade and almost disappear. Also, doctors make the cut so that it is hidden under the underwear. This way, operation scar is not a problem for many people.
When the doctor makes the cut, the belly region is opened. At this stage, excess fat might be removed. Also, it is possible to remove the excess fat with liposuction before abdominoplasty as well. After removing the excess fat, the doctor removes the excess skin. To do that, the skin is carefully dissected. It is important to remove the correct amount of skin. During this process, the doctor’s skill and expertise play an important role.
Then, the doctor will reshape the belly button before stretching the skin. After this step, the skin is stretched to achieve a firmer look. Later, the operation cut is sutured and abdominoplasty operation is completed.

Are There Any Limitations for This Surgery?

Since Tummy tuck surgery is a surgical operation, there are some things to be considered before the operation. First, patients must have blood tests. These blood tests will show whether the patient is suitable for this operation.
Second, patients must be suitable to have general anesthesia. Abdominoplasty is operated under general anesthesia and there is no alternative anesthesia. It is not possible to do this operation under local anesthesia. For this reason, patients that cannot have general anesthesia cannot have this operation. There is no age limit for abdominoplasty. But this operation is not recommended to individuals over 65 years old. This is because complication risks increase as age increases. Also, wound healing at this age is relatively slower than younger ages. Doctors will examine the patients who want to have an abdominoplasty operation to assess their health. Any healthy individual can have this operation to have a firmer-looking belly.

How Long Is Recovery Take After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck recovery time might change among individuals. Also, pain associated with this operation can change among individuals. In general, full recovery can take up to 1 month. In the recovery process, patients must take care of their bodies. Since there will be suturing, it is important to refrain from excessive physical activity for at least one month. Intense physical activity might cause discomfort or problems in the operation area.
For the first couple of days, patients are hospitalized. Generally, one-day hospitalization is enough for most patients. However, 1-2 days of hospitalization is common for this surgery. In the hospital, patients rest for a couple of hours. Then, patients need to stand up with the help of the medical staff and nurses. This stage is important. When patients stand up, doctors can see if everything is well.
For the first week, the wound is dressed. This will prevent any case of infection. Patients should rest at home for at least one week. If patients are having abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) abroad, they might spend the first week in that city. It is not recommended to fly immediately after the surgery.
After 1 or 2 weeks, patients can go back to their daily life. Intense sports such as weightlifting, swimming, and running are prohibited for 1 month. Also, patients must use prescribed medication according to prescription. These medications include antibiotics and pain killers. While antibiotics will prevent any case of infection, pain killers will reduce the pain associated with the operation. 

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Benefits of Tummy Tuck Operation

A Tummy Tuck operation will give a strong and firm belly. After the operation and full recovery, the belly area will look better than it is before. It is impossible to understand if someone had that surgery. There is no visible scarring after this operation. Operation scar is hidden under the underwear and the scar fades over time.

Also, it is possible to have a flay belly that is almost impossible to achieve with exercise. This operation especially provides amazing results for people with excessive skin. This excessive skin around the belly can only be removed with an abdominoplasty operation.