Vaginoplasty: Procedure Details

This article was updated on April 17th, 2023 at 02:55 pm


If vaginoplasty (tightening of the cervix) is instead performed by mature women, reducing the lips of the vagina is the prerogative of young girls in bloom. According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery), in one year (from 2014 to 2015), the number of nymphoplasties in young American women under the age of 19 has doubled (knowing that these figures probably need to be revised rise). It is revisiting the Origin of the World with Dr. Yohann Derhy.

What are the reasons that push women to have a labiaplasty / nymphoplasty / vaginoplasty?

Here, we talk about nymphoplasty/ vaginoplasty, which concerns the lips of the vulva, and not labiaplasty, which can just as quickly interest the lips of the face. The motivations of women who use it are enlarged (enlarged) lips of the vagina. They seem too prominent to them.

Why do vaginal lips seem too large to them?

Vagina lips can interfere with women wearing their underwear when playing sports or during sexual intercourse. But of course, the aesthetic dimension is omnipresent, and the psychological repercussions are essential. Some women describe symptoms because they know they can benefit from treatment. However, the return is in all positive ways since they feel more comfortable with their bodies.

But why are we more comfortable with small lips than large ones?

Is this physical complex new? Are they linked, among other things, to porn culture?

It’s challenging to assess! Few will tell you, “I watch a lot of porn, and I would feel more normal if I looked like these actresses.” Yes, no doubt that was having access to so much information via the internet, knowing that these types of operations exist, plays a role; this is true for all areas: whether or not you are satisfied with what you have. Look at Instagram: we see and compare.

So, is it young people who have the most use of the vaginoplasty operation?

Yes, women under 40 represent 95% of my request.

So how is a vaginoplasty done?

It is an outpatient operation, that is, under general or epidural anesthesia (because under local anesthesia, the lips swell), with a return in the day. It lasts from 30 to 40 min.

There are several methods: the longitudinal process consists in resecting (editor’s note: cutting a part of an organ) directly the spare part by following the free edge of the lips. It is the most used method in case of considerable reduction, and it also allows to work of the skin of the clitoral hood. In my opinion, this is the only reliable technique. I stopped practicing the others, which are the “cuneiform” or “in V,” that is to say, in corners, or “fenestrated,” because I met relatively high disunities.


 What% of disunity (loosening of the suture) is there from one surgical method to another?

There are no statistics yet on all these methods (Editor’s note: we are just starting to have the first figures from the ASPS), but the longitudinal is, from experience, the best.
Many experts express concern about this operation, primarily when performed in adolescent girls at puberty. They claim that the consequences of the procedure could cause loss of sensation or other damage to the functioning of the reproductive system. What do you think?
First, remember that adolescent girls are not supposed to have an operation since they are not of age. And then, very sincerely, it does not know the human anatomy: there is no correlation between the lips and the innervation of the clitoris and the vagina. The latter is very deep, while the lips are external and superficial.
NB: the American Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians encourages specialists to educate and reassure young patients and screen for psychiatric disorders linked to the obsession with supposed physical defects.
There, you know everything! Now, remember: there is potential post-operative pain, a lengthy healing time (sometimes very long depending on what women say on the forums), and of course, you have to do without sex for a month to see more without forgetting, as in all surgical operations, possible complications (infection, poor healing, lesions ). In short, you have to have good reasons!

Plastic surgery of the genitals is not only about restoring an excised clitoris or a ruptured hymen. More and more women use it to find more pleasant anatomy or rejuvenate a sagging vagina—interview with Dr. Natalie Rajaonarivelo, plastic surgeon.

Intimate surgery has been created to reconstruct a clitoris in circumcised women. It is indeed possible to “pull” on the naturally buried part of the clitoris to bring out a small “button”: thus, the woman finds a “normal” female anatomy. She often experiences a real renaissance, even if the pleasure linked to this area does not come back. At the same time, the surgeons looked into other disgraces of nature or time. Today, women are operated-on for both aesthetic and functional reasons.




Labiaplasty: more interventions in very young girls


Some women have big lips that are so wide and full that it bothers them daily, especially for different activities such as cycling and horse riding. After pregnancy or with age, others experience a gaping in their vulva, which decreases their sensations during intercourse. Others still want to find more toned lips because time has released them. But sometimes, we are mistaken. That is to say that we imagine that her small or big lips are disproportionate when they are normal. Not all women are made in the same way. Consulting a surgeon who is used to these procedures makes it possible to be well advised.


Nymphoplasty, i.e., surgery of the labia major Most often reduces them because they are too large and “hang.” Several techniques are available, the choice being made according to the woman’s characteristics. For a better aesthetic result, a gesture is sometimes added: we can inject a little fat taken from the woman herself (inner side of the knees or thighs) to obtain a good balance between the two parts of the vulva. It is also possible to use hyaluronic acid, but the effect lasts less.


Women of Caucasian origin generally want more sensitive organs than in other cultures, especially in Africa, where the swell of sex can signify fertility viewed positively. Women in these countries also have fewer problems with enlarged labia majora. But whatever their origin, women take the step for themselves. It is exceptional that it is the partner who “demands” an intervention from this part of the female body.


Not at all. Always start with perineal physiotherapy. Laser or radiofrequency techniques can improve vaginal tone as well. Surgery, therefore, only takes place as a last resort. We can then perform a vaginoplasty, that is, a reconciliation of the relaxed tissues. It is a rather delicate intervention with relatively little practice.


Two consultations at 15-day intervals are necessary, as a period of reflection is mandatory. During the first, an estimate is given by the surgeon. The consultation of an anesthesiologist is compulsory; even in the case of local anesthesia, which is the most frequent cause, the surgical procedures generally take place on an outpatient basis. Health Insurance covers only post-excision operations. For others, everything is the responsibility of the woman. Depending on the procedures, establishments, and surgeons, a budget of 3,500 and 5,500 euros must still be provided.


Any surgical intervention strongly advises smoking cessation: smoking does delay healing. We also avoid taking aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the week before the operation. And if a painkiller proves necessary, we, of course, choose paracetamol.


These interventions are not painful; it does not burn. Because the tight lips are a little innervated, you may first feel a slight discomfort while sitting. At most, the woman may need one paracetamol tablet the first evening. Cotton pants with little periodic protection for a few days help absorb seepage. Otherwise, disinfect and apply a