Beard and Moustache Transplant

Men can experience hair loss problem. Hair loss is independent of race, age or other factors. Anyone can experience this cosmetic problem. But there is another cosmetic problem as well. Thin beard or moustache can be a problem for men. Beard and moustache transplant can offer a solution to this problem. In general, this operation aims to give men a fuller beard and moustache look.

In recent years, strong and fuller beard is popular among men. But not all the men are lucky to have that beard from birth. Some men have thin beard. Also, they might experience gaps in their beard. In most cases, this creates an unattractive look. To solve this problem, men search for doctors for their beard transplant.

beard transplant

Another issue about appearance is thin moustache. Like beard, moustache is an important part of men’s face. They want to have strong moustache as well. But their moustache can look thin due to genetics. Moustache transplant will help to solve this problem.

In this article, we will talk about both beard and moustache transplant. You will learn details about these surgical procedures. When you learn all those details, you will be more certain about your decision. Also, we will answer some of the most popular questions about beard transplant and moustache transplant.

What Is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is a surgical operation to eliminate gaps in beard. These gaps can occur due to various reasons. For example, some men have thin beard due to genetics. Some others might have beard gaps due to trauma. Burn or some wounds can cause hair to fall. Regardless of the reason, these gaps and thin beard cause an undesired look.

In beard transplant operation, hair roots collected from patient are implanted to gaps in the beard. Also, this method enables redefining upper line of the beard as well. This practice can be referred as beard line structuring. In some cases, it is possible to achieve denser looking beard. All these operations need beard surgery.

What Is Moustache Transplant?

Moustache transplant is as popular as beard transplant. In this operation, gaps and thinning in moustache area are fixed. Like beard transplant, hair roots collected from patient can be implanted. This way, it is possible to achieve a natural look.

In moustached transplant operation, hair roots collected from patient are implanted to gaps in the beard. Also, this method enables redefining upper line of the moustache as well. It is important to structure a moustache that will go well with beard.

Who Needs Beard and Moustache Transplant?

Anyone feeling uncomfortable and unhappy about their beard and moustache can have this operation. After your beard and moustache grows to its completed form, you can be a candidate for this operation. There is no upper age limit.  To have beard and moustache implants, patients must have active blood circulation in their beard and moustache. Active blood circulation is necessary to nourish new transplanted hair roots. After this operation, patients can take care of their beard and moustache as they used to do. Doctor will inform the patients about when to start shaving or what to consider after this operation. When patients follow all the rules provided by the doctor, they can enjoy their full moustache and beard in no time.

Which Method is Used in Beard and Moustache Transplant?

In beard operation and moustache operation, DHI (direct hair implant) method is commonly used. In this method, hair roots are collected with special tools. These special tools are known as CHOI pens. Hair roots are collected from the back of the ear. For beard and moustache transplant, hair roots can be collected from the back of the ear. However, in hair transplant, back part of the head is selected. Hair at the back part of the ear will fit better to beard and moustache. Especially in terms of colour, hair in this region offers better match than hair at the back of the head.

In DHI method, each hair graft is extracted and implanted with the same tool. Before implanting, doctor will mark patient’s face. At this stage, doctor will define beard line and moustache line. If the patient is happy about new lines, doctor will implant hair grafts to these areas.

Number of grafts necessary for this operation depends on the size of the gap. Naturally, high number of grafts will increase overall beard and moustache transplant cost.Since health insurance does not cover for the most of cosmetic surgeries, price can be an issue for most people. As number of grafts necessary for the operation increases, operation price will increase.

Is FUE Method an Option for Beard and Moustache Operation?

Although main principles of hair transplant and beard and moustache operation are similar, there are still differences. In hair transplant, there are three options. In addition to DHI method, FUE Slit and FUE Sapphire are other options. However, when it comes to beard and moustache, DHI method is commonly used.

In two FUE methods, doctors need to open channels to implant hair. In case of beard and moustache, it is not possible to open channels. This is due to skin and tissue characteristics. For this reason, an implant method combined with FUE cannot be used in these operations.

Can These Surgeries Combined?

In most cases, both beard and moustache transplant are applied in the same session. Doctor can reshape beard and moustache line in one session. Also, patients who need beard operation often need moustache operation. Operating these two regions at the same time enables doctor to achieve more natural look.

Also, when beard and moustache are operated at the same time, these two regions will recover together. This way, is won’t be necessary to go through a recovery period for two times. In addition to all that, patients coming from different countries want to have beard and moustache operation in single session. This way, patients don’t need to come back to the country for their second operation.

Beard and Moustache Transplant in Turkey / İstanbul

If you want to have your beard and moustache transplant abroad, Turkey can be a good option. People from different countries are coming to İstanbul for cosmetic surgeries. Since beard and moustache implants are considered as cosmetic surgeries, men are choosing İstanbul for this operation.

Beard and moustache clinics in İstanbul generally offer hair transplant service as well. This is because these three operations are extremely similar. Hair transplant is often preferred more. But increasing number of men are having beard and moustache implants as well.

In İstanbul, it is possible to have affordable and high-quality operation. Clinics in Turkey have more affordable beard and moustache transplant prices than other countries. Medical costs associated with these operations are lower. Also, high success rates are making this country number one in cosmetic surgery field.

İstanbul also offers an extensive range of activities. People coming to this city for their beard and moustache operation can explore the city. Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque and the Bosporus are some of the most beautiful places to see. There are beautiful parts of the city to be discovered. Visitors can spend amazing time with their family. Also, İstanbul offers delicious food to all visitors. People can enjoy different types of kebab as well as desserts.

November 13, 2019


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