DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair transplant is one of the hair transplant methods. Hair transplant is offered as a solution to hair loss. Many men around the world experience hair loss. This problem can occur in all men regardless of age or race. It is possible to experience hair loss in early 20s. Or in some cases, men lose their hair in their 50s. In either case, men feel less self-confident about themselves when they experience hair loss.

To increase their confidence level and to get their hair back, hair transplant surgery is a common practice among men. This surgery has been in our lives since the 80s. However, methods have significantly changed from that day until this day. Currently, doctors are practicing methods that give natural hairline results. In addition to skills and expertise of the doctor, hair transplant method also plays an important role for that natural look.

To achieve natural looking hairline, DHI hair transplant is commonly preferred by doctors. In this article, we will talk about what DHI is, how patients are operated, benefits and limitations of this surgery. After reading this article, you will have all the information you need to know about this hair transplant surgery.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is actually a method called direct hair implant. In fact, you can have a general idea about how this operation works by looking at the name. In this hair transplant operation, hair roots are extracted and implanted with one single tool.

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Both extraction and hair implanting processes are completed with special pen like tools. These pen like tools are called CHOI pens. In some cases, this operation is called CHOI hair transplant. This CHOI pen has a special mechanism to extract the graft. When the graft is extracted, this graft does not contain any tissues. For this reason, it is possible to directly implant hair grafts to recipient area.

Differences Between FUE and Hair Transplant DHI

Main difference between FUE and DHI is the application method. However, general idea behind these two operations are the same. In both operation, doctor restores hair loss by collecting and implanting hair grafts. All hair grafts are collected from the patient and no other hair graft is used. Also, recovery of both surgeries are similar.

But as we have said before, application method of these two are entirely different. In FUE, hair roots or hair grafts are collected with special punch motors. Then, these grafts are kept in a special solution. In the meantime, doctor opens channels to hair loss area. In this process, hair grafts contact with external environment. In case of hair transplant DHI, extraction and implanting processes are completed with one tool. For this reason, hair grafts contact less with external environment.

Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant

One of the greatest benefit of DHI is natural hairline. Hairline is the most important component of our hair. Our hairline frames our face and gives our expression. However, a mismatch between your hairline and your face might cause you to look old. For this reason, structuring hairline as natural as possible is the main goal of hair transplant surgery. DHI enables doctors to work on hairline in more detail. Since there is no need for channel opening, hair can be transplanted more densely. This will provide a denser and more natural looking hair.

Another benefit of DHI operation is higher success rates. Higher success rates are related with external contact. Since hair grafts have less contact with external factors, they are less damaged. When implanted to recipient area, success rate is often higher.

In case of recovery, there is not much of a difference with FUE hair transplant. But recovery on recipient are can be slightly faster than FUE. Since there is no need to open channels, tissue damage around recipient are is lower. This also decreases the chance of infections and swelling around recipient area. But recovery on donor area might be similar. In terms of recovery, both methods follow a similar course. Patients need to take care of new hair for successful results.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Permanent?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to hair transplant. People are worried that their hair will fall after the operation. Actually, it is natural to worry about the results of hair transplant. Like FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplant results are permanent. When your hair fully grows after the surgery, you can enjoy your new hair permanently. Complete hair growth process might take up to 1 year. This is a normal time period for hair transplant operation. In fact, new hair will start to grow after 6 months. But you need to wait for 1 year to see complete results.

Limitation of Hair Transplant DHI

Although there are various benefits of hair transplant DHI, there is one limitation of number of grafts per operation. Doctors can implant up to 2000 hair grafts per operation. This number is often suitable for mild hair loss cases. Patients with moderate or extreme hair loss might not benefit from this method. In case of moderate and extreme hair loss, FUE hair transplant can be a better alternative. Because in FUE hair transplant, it is possible to extract and implant more than 2000 grafts. Generally, 3000-3500 grafts is necessary for moderate hair loss. Also, DHI operation takes longer than FUE operation.

DHI Hair Implant in Turkey

DHI hair transplant in İstanbul has become popular in recent years. Turkey and especially İstanbul has become an important destination for hair transplant. People from all around the world are visiting this beautiful city to have their hair transplant operation. As official authorities in the country are supporting these health tourism initiatives, services provided in this country are high-quality.

There are different hair transplant clinics in İstanbul that offer DHI hair transplant operation. These clinics comply with EU and other international standards. For this reason, people from European countries as well as Middle Eastern countries are choosing İstanbul to have hair implants. Especially, people from England, Saudi Arabia and Germany are coming to Turkey.

Benefits of DHI Hair in Istanbul

Patients who want to have their DHI transplant in İstanbul will experience various benefits. First and most important benefit is related with hair transplant prices. Around the world, prices for this operation is extremely high. These high prices are due to medical costs associated with the operation. In the US or England, hair transplant is expensive. Also, since this operation is considered cosmetic surgery, most health insurances do not cover for operation expenses.

İstanbul offers competitive prices with high-quality service. Price per graft in İstanbul are relatively lower than other countries. Also, clinics in İstanbul are offering high quality service. Doctors in these clinics are highly experienced and skilled. All these factors contribute patients to choose this amazing country for their cosmetic operation.

Also, most patients find a chance to visit this amazing city. While they are recovering, they can visit some of the most important historical places in the history. Patients can enjoy amazing views and taste delicious food. All these services are generally included in hair implant price. This increases attractiveness of the country for foreign patients. Patients can come to this country with their families as well.

November 15, 2019

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