Face Lift Surgery

Face lifting aesthetic is a surgical procedure to eliminate aging signs and to improve the general look of face and jawline. Facelift surgery in Turkey is often recommended to people above 45 years old. This operational significantly decreases wrinkles and sagging and the surgery is highly complicated.

Aging is a natural process that can be affected by lifestyle and habits. Adopting a healthy and high-quality lifestyle plays an important role to delay these operations; taking care of yourself after the operation will increase the effects of this operation. Facelift in Turkey is among the most preferred cosmetic aesthetic operations by middle-aged and older people.

How is the facelift operation applied?

Since face anatomy under the skin has a complex structure, a classical facelift is extremely technical and complex surgery. After detailed surgical consultations and medical tests, the operation date is selected if there is no health problem to prevent the operation.

First, general anesthesia is applied before the operation. Later, starting from hairy skin on the ear, a surgical cut is made following ear line and face skin is lifted. Soft tissue that causes sagging is hanged with special sutures and subcutaneous tissue is supported. Excess skin is cut and removed. Skin is sutured and drain is placed. The face is dressed except mouth and nose region and operation is completed. Operations last between 4-6 hours. But if another operation is applied simultaneously, this can take longer.

face lift

When needed, eyelid aesthetic or neck lift operation can simultaneously be applied. Drains that are placed during the operation are removed 2 days after the surgery. Sutures are removed 1 week after the surgery. During the early recovery period (first couple of weeks after the operation), post-operative effects such as numbness and edema can be seen. These effects will decrease and completely heal.

Will there be marks after facelift aesthetic?

Any possible mark will be minimized when an expert doctor operates the patient as special sutures and dressing material will be used. Since cut around the ear is at the connection line of the face, this cut is less visible. Also, since cut behind and above the ear will be under hairy skin, marks in this area are invisible. Since complications such as bleeding, infection and skin loss (generally due to intense smoking) will prevent scar healing process, marks that need treatment can occur in these cases.

What is a mini facelift?

Lifting with small lifting that requires cut in front of the ear is called a mini facelift. Mini facelift aesthetic is preferred by 40-50 years old individuals with minimum sagging and deformation around the chin area. The advantage of mini facelift is a smaller operation marks due to smaller cut and shorter recovery time.

Is facelift operation risky?

As any other surgical operation, facelift operation also has some complications. To minimize complication risks, patients should be operated by expert doctors and patients should follow all pre- and post-operation instructions of the doctor.

Risks during the operation include bleeding, infection, nerve damage, scarring, and hair loss. Bleeding after facelift aesthetic has low risk but can occur in hypertensive patients. Blood pressors should be kept under control and patients must stop taking blood thinners like aspirin 1 week before the surgery. Bleeding under the skin might delay healing and cause scarring. Infection after facelift aesthetic has low risk since the face is the best part with high blood circulation. This risk can be prevented by using prescribed antibiotic before and after operation. Nerve damage after facelift aesthetic; motor and sensory damage is possible during operation. Face movements can be temporarily or permanently lost and numbness can occur. Scarring or bad marks after facelift aesthetic can be caused by genetics, skin loss due to smoking, bleeding or infection complications. These conditions might require additional treatment. Hair loss after facelift aesthetic can occur in the regions where the skin is pulled up.

face lift surgery

Important details about facelift aesthetic

  • Patients should stop smoking and alcohol consumption 10 days before the operation.
  • Patients should stop taking blood thinners, herbal teas, and Vitamin E 10 days before the operation.
  • Patients can be discharged on the same day as the operation.
  • After the operation, patients must avoid lying on their faces.
  • When sleeping, keeping the head at heart level will help to eliminate postoperative edema.
  • Applying ice compress can accelerate recovery and minimize edema.
  • During the healing period, when you feel the increased temperature on your face area, ice compress will relieve this feeling.
  • Patients can go back to their daily routine 1 week after the operation. However, it is advised to avoid heavy physical activity.
  • During healing, low tempo walks are permitted. But, patients must avoid any physical activity that will increase heart rate above 100 beats per minute and increase blood pressure. .
  • Patients must wait at least 1 month before active sports and avoid any sport that involves any impact risk.
  • Patients must avoid sexual intercourse for 2 weeks after the surgery.

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