Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks With Striort Stretch Marks Treatment.

This article was updated on April 15th, 2023 at 12:36 pm

What Is Striort Stretch Treatment?

Striort Stretch Treatment is a new generation spread from to the world Brazil by which you can be free of 80% of your Skin Stretches in only one session.

The treatment is based on the reawakening of the collagen located in skin tears. In other words, Skin Stretches by an orthomolecular system, and the treatment does not involve needles, incisions, or lasers.

While Striort Stretch Treatment is neither invasive nor surgical, in this Stretch treatment method, only one unique vacuum system is being used. Treatment that accomplished more than 250 thousand successful cases around Latin America is a stretch repairing method.

stretch marks treatment
stretch marks treatment

Reasons Behind The Skin Stretche Marks  

Healthy Skin has a structure that involves 4% elastin and 80% fiber pored collagen proteins. Many elements may damage the elastin fibers, which enables the skin to stretch without being harmed. Damaged elastin linkages cause red or white skin tears on the body. These kinds of skin tears are called stretches.

The main reasons behind the Stretches are contraceptive pills, hormones, lack of water and moisture in the body, rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy, fast-growing and local steroid creams.

It may arouse curiosity looking at the reasons for the stretch marks while many men and many women are being exposed to the skin stretch marks when it is not seen some others.

That’s because every individual has a different skin structure along with genetic and metabolic specs. 

How To Practice The Skin Stretch Mark Treatment Striort?

The new generation skin stretch treatment Striort is practiced with unique solutions and a device called Fibroderms with vacuum barometer which is specifically designed for the treatment.

Later, determining the stretch-marked areas of the client, unique solutions are being applied to fasten the blood flow and let it sit for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes of the waiting process, a vacuum bar is started being used with back and forth movements on the stretch-marked area.

The treatment is based on alerting the elastin and collagen with the help of the particular solutions and healing the skin stretch marks with the controlled damage caused on the skin stretch marks. Treatment’s duration is between 2 hours to 2.30 hours. 

stretch marks treatment
stretch marks treatment

Rednesses and bruises caused by the treatment go away within 2 to 3 days.

A harm-free and utmost level secure treatment method Striort does not cause any side effects to the Skin such as crusting or staining.

Although it depends on the skin structure and skin type, the treatment has a 30%-80% success rate by only one session and a maximum of 3 sessions are applied.

Clients who need more than one session are suggested to get the treatment once a month. After the highly comfortable treatment for clients, they may go back to their daily lives right after.

Although the cabin application process accomplishes half of the success, in able to get a complete success, suitable-for-home-use continuation products must be kept on using as recommended. 

Who Are Not Suitable For Striort Treatment?

Nursing ladies and pregnant ladies, during the menstrual cycle, people who are on Roaccutane and equivalent medications, or when had a surgical intervention to the area at hand.