Essential Facts About Filler injection And Botox

This article was updated on April 15th, 2023 at 12:39 pm

Many people approach Filler injection and botox practices for looking more beautiful and younger. Before these non-surgical practices, some essential points have to be known by the people who will get into these processes. That way, the decision to go with the process would be better and choosing between Botox and fillings would be on the spot and more accessible. We will present you with Essential Facts About Filler injection And Botox that you must know about botox and fillers with details. That way, you will learn what is wrong that is known to be correct, and you will obtain knowledge highly of them.

Filler injection
Filler injection

1.Botox And Filler injection Do Not Eliminate Wrinkles Entirely

Unlike plastic surgical practices, neither botox nor fillings eliminate wrinkles in their entirety. If removing the wrinkles is desired for a long time, plastic surgical processes such as facelifts are the way to go here. Compared to fillings, botox could be more successful in eliminating wrinkles. However, results will depend on the skin structure. 

2, Choose The Right Treatment For Yourself

It would be best if you decided which operation is suitable for you. During the decision process, doctor and client act together. If you have goose foot wrinkles or forehead wrinkles, botox injections would be a better choice. But if you want prominent cheekbones, filler injection could offer you the solution. The doctor and the client have to discuss the expectations and the desired operation in a straightforward way.

3, Filler inection And Botox Offer Temporary Solutions

Different from esthetic surgeries, botox and fillings offer temporary solutions. The treatments have to be repeated once in six to eight months. Filling treatment could last longer than botox operations, even though the filler process could be repeated after one year at the latest. The most significant advantage of being a temporary of these treatments is if you are not satisfied with the results, it is possible not to choose it again. 

4, You Can Go Home After The Operations

Dissimilar from surgical operations, you can go home after the injections. Even if some rednesses appear after injections, they won’t affect daily life. It is even possible to get the treatment in the afternoon break and go back to work. In that perspective, face filling and botox are considered immediate treatments.

5, Be Careful About Things To Do After İmplant And Botox

Although it is possible to turn back to work after botox and filler injection treatment, there are still a few points to be careful about after botox and filling. People who have processed botox and filling treatments have to stay away from extreme exercises and physical activities for a few days. Sauna and solarium are also not suggested for the next few days after botox and filling treatment either. 

6, Filling Offers More Than Elimination Of Wrinkles

Face fillings do not only eliminate wrinkles. They may also be chosen for having more prominent cheekbones and jawlines. Recently filling treatments are also used for the removal of minor flaws placed on the nose. Fillings are injected into the nose also help to eliminate the light curves on the nose. Other than that, lip fillings also have become very popular recently. It is possible to reshape the lips and makes them look more succulent by the lip fillings. 

Filler injection 2
Filler injection 2

7, Botox Does Not Inhibit Facial Expressions

Unlike the way it is thought, botox does not inhibit facial expressions. It is possible to have the best results with a natural look with the help of the right doctor. Facial expressions are saved by protecting them at a certain level.

8, Ordinary People Can Get The Treatments As Well

These two treatments are heard by the celebrities who did the treatments. Filling treatments are gaining popularity amount Instagram models and influencers. This situation caused the wrong perception of the botox and filling treatments could only be done for celebrities. By improving medical Technologies, ordinary people can also get botox and filling treatments. The decrease in the price of these treatments brings them along to be preferred by many people. 

9, Choice Of Right Doctor For Botox And Filling Is Very Important

It is crucial for those who consider filling and botox treatments to choose the right doctor to proceed. Both of these treatments to be successful depending on the doctor’s skills. One wrong movement may cause undesired shapes to appear on the face. It is vital for both botox and filling to carry out the most suitable treatment according to the client’s age and face characteristics. The treatments that are applied with unrealistic aims only end up with unhappy clients. That’s why it is one of the most crucial elements for the doctor to be very skillful and knowledgeable.

10, Choice Of Right Clinic, Also

At least as important as choosing the right doctor, it is also essential to choose the right clinic. The clinic where the treatment is going to happen has to fit the hygiene conditions. Also, the clinic has to serve the clients with the regulations of the Health Administration. Wrongful clinic choices may cause undesired results on the following days. Infection after treatments or wrongfully placed fillings are the most common problems that are caused as a result of wrong clinic choices. 

11, A Good Filler injection And Botox Do Not Appear from Outside

Treatments that a good doctor processes are impossible to appear from outside. Although by the effect of Botox, the face looks tighter and younger, for someone who looks at the front from outside, it is impossible to understand. Likely for the filling treatments, it is impossible to realize with bare eyes. And for that, those who want to look younger could prefer these treatments with a peaceful mind. 

12, You Don’t Need To Say Goodbye To All Your Wrinkles.

Many people feel like their faces will look like formwork. That’s not precisely the point. Wrongfully applied treatment may result in that look like a formwork. With the right choice of doctor, it is possible to prevent unsuccessful botox and filling treatments. Furthermore, while you look younger, you won’t have lost your natural facial expressions by the correct treatment. 

13, Choice Of Filling material

In the material of filling, the amount of hyaluronic acid is significant. The more amount of hyaluronic acid, the longer the filler will last. 

Bonus: It is possible to melt the disliked filling treatment. However, it is not possible to do that with botox. In the case of a botox, it must have waited for 3 to 6 months until the botox loses its effects.