Nefertiti Lift: Hollywood’s Secret Of Beauty

This article was updated on April 24th, 2024 at 01:26 pm

The beauty of the Legendary Queen Of Ancient Egypt keeps shaping the perception of beauty even after centuries. Nefertiti’s prominent jawline and tall, tight neck that has become symbols of beauty keep decorating the dreams of many women. With non-surgical Nefertiti Lift treatment, the beauty of Nefertiti is no longer just a dream.

Botox, the most popular beauty injection of all time, keeps consolidating our beauty by several different types according to the area that is being applied. Nefertiti Botox is also one of the numerous boxes. For those who do not prefer surgical interventions for their deep wrinkles.

It has become remarkably high demanded as a non-surgical alternative to making jawlines more obvious and removing the wrinkles from the neck area; Nefertiti Lifting has become one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets, has spread among the World.

Nefertiti Lift
Nefertiti Lift

A Key To A Young And Dynamic Face

The first thing that catches our attention from Hollywood Stars, especially those over the age of 40 how younger they look by having sharp jawlines and smooth necks. Unfortunately, being the symptoms of advancing age, skin deformations significantly affects the jawline and neck area. Numerous saggings and softenings in the jawline, wrinkles in the neck area, and loss of tightness start showing up. Sometimes, as a result of genetic structure, the neck, and the jaw may look like they are almost merged. This deformation is called the turkey neck may substantially have a negative impact on the face’s youthful and dynamic look and causes us to look older than we are.

Effect Of Nefertiti Lift

Muscles named platysma are the muscle group responsible for symptoms of old age, such as disorders of jawline and folding of the neck. The muscle group of platysma triggers the loose skin and saggings. Nefertiti Botox Injection, which aims for these muscles, slows down contractions of these muscles for a while and eliminates the deformations done by these muscles. Functioning as a muscle relaxant tightens the target areas and also acts as face lifting. The injections of botox injected to the muscles located in the neck and jawline maintain lifting on the saggy skin. The skin, having become tighter and smoother, gains a more esthetic and dynamic appearance.

How Long Nefertiti Botox Lasts?

Like all other botox injections, Nefertiti Botox also starts showing its effects and, after two weeks, reaches the peak point. The result we use on peak point saves its effects for 3 to 6 months. Regular injections provide protection and permanence to the treatment. It is possible to achieve a much younger and dynamic look with this treatment which doesn’t need a recovery process. Because the treatment is medical, unlike surgical treatments, it is not a procedure that involves incisions and stitches that leaves scars on the skin. Pain and soreness are out of the picture after this treatment. It is possible to return to daily life right after the treatment.

Who Are Suitable For This Treatment?

People with

–         Unobvious jawlines

–         General sagging on the face area

–         Sagging in the under jaw area

–         Sagging in the neck area

Are suitable for Nefertiti Treatment. Also, people who had facelift operations previously and experiencing deformations on the neck area are suitable for the treatment.

Nefertiti Lift 2
Nefertiti Lift 2

Is Nefertiti Botox Safe?

The material botox has been being used in both cosmetic and medical treatments for many years. And in the clinical studies, no negative impacts have been found with healthy processed botox injections. However, it must not be forgotten that it is crucial to proceed with a professional doctor. A result of wrongly and unconsciously applied injections on wrong points may cause numerous undesired side effects on injection points such as pain and bruise, headache, redness, sagging, and temporary face sensitivity.

Are There Any Differences In Nefertiti Botox Materials?

Botox materials are obtained from purified proteins. Even though the dosage depends on the target area, the ingredients of botox injections don’t change. In terms of anti-aging treatments, every botox injection contains the same medicine regardless of the target area.

Skin Care After Nefertiti Lift

Supporting the treatment by not skipping a few skincare and being cautious also increases the success of the treatment. Using high factor sunscreen, not smoking and a healthy, regular eating habit, and maintaining skincare with the right products to provide moisture to the skin increases the positive impacts of the treatment. Also, keeping this care in your life will save skin health and delay the need for these cosmetic treatments later.