FUE Hair Transplant

This article was updated on November 5th, 2023 at 09:50 am

Hair loss can often be a huge problem for men. Bald areas, hair loss or hair thinning might decrease self-confidence level. What is more, hair loss can lead to serious psychological problems. Recently, FUE hair transplant offers a solution for hair loss.

This is a surgical operation that transplants hair with the FUE method. FUE method is the abbreviated form of follicular hair extraction. Actually, there is a general misconception about this method. In most cases, many people think that FUE is the actual hair transplant. But this is not true.

FUE is the first stage of hair transplants. This stage must be completed with a hair transplant method. However, it is natural to call the entire operation as an FUE hair transplant. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this operation. After reading this article, you will learn all the details about this operation. Also, you will see that there is nothing to be afraid. A hair transplant will offer one of the best solutions to have your natural hairline back.

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Who Needs Hair Transplant?

There are few factors to consider if you want to have a hair transplant operation. Of course, this operation offers a solution to hair loss. But not all hair loss types might need a hair transplant. For example, if you are experiencing hair loss due to a skin condition, you might want to treat that condition first. In most cases, treating skin conditions will stop your hair loss.

Also, external factors such as pollution or certain chemical might cause hair loss as well. In some cases, extreme stress or anxiety might trigger hair loss. In those cases, you need to solve your problem before considering a hair implant.

But if your hair loss is due to genetics, hair transplant might be your only solution. Some men might lose their hair in their early 20s. Hair loss in an early age is generally associated with genetics. If this is the case, there is no option but to have a transplant operation.

hair transplant turkey

What Is Hair Transplant FUE?

FUE Hair transplant is a surgical operation to eliminate the physically disturbing appearance of hair loss. In this operation, the hair roots of the patient are relocated from the donor area to the recipient area. A hair transplant operation consists of two main stages. These are hair extraction and hair implants. Both steps are consecutively operation.

In general, hair transplant operation duration depends on a number of grafts that will be collected and implanted. In mild hair loss cases, fewer grafts are necessary. So, the operation is shorter than severe hair loss cases.

FUE Hair Extraction

As we have said at the beginning of this article, the FUE method is actually a hair extraction method. During this stage, the doctor will collect hair roots from the patient. In hair transplant operations, hair roots that will be implanted into the recipient region are collected from the patient. This eliminates any tissue problems or all other problems.

Hair roots that are collected at this stage are called hair grafts. If you are familiar with this operation, you probably have heard about hair grafts. In most hair transplant clinics, operation prices have calculated the price per graft. So, the graft will be an important thing in hair transplants. Depending on your hair structure, each graft contains 1 to 3 hair roots. A number of hair roots in a graft depend on your genetics. There is nothing to do to increase the number of hair roots.

In the FUE process, these grafts are collected with special handheld tools. These tools called punch motors are specially designed for this purpose. These punch motors will collect hair roots without damaging the surrounding tissue.

In the hair root extraction process, these roots are collected from the back of the hair. This region is called the donor area. The back of the head is selected as the hair roots in this region are the strongest. Also, hair in the back of the head is resilient to hair loss. Although this is the most common practice, there are some cases where grafts are collected from different regions. In extreme cases, the chest can be a donor area as well.

Hair Implant

After the hair extraction stage, these extracted roots must be implanted to the bald region. This region is called the recipient region. Generally, men experience hair loss from their foreheads. But since there are different types of hair loss, the doctor will plan the implanting procedure.

When hair roots are extracted with hair transplant FUE method, these roots are kept in a special solution. This solution will dissolve all the remaining tissues around hair roots. It is important to eliminate all tissue around the hair roots for successful hair transplant results.

In the meantime, the doctor will open channels on the donor area. These channels will hold the hair grafts. While opening these channels, the doctor may use a surgeon’s blade or special diamond-edged blades. These tools will change the name of the operation. While the surgeon’s blade is used in Slit FUE, diamond-edged blades are used in Sapphire FUE. The hair implanting method will be selected after your examination. 

Is Hair Transplant FUE Method Permanent?

One of the most popular questions about hair transplant FUE is whether it is permanent. After complete recovery, hair transplant results will be permanent. During recovery, patients will experience shock loss around 2nd or 3rd month. There is nothing to worry about this shock loss. It is the normal process of the transplant operation. 6 months after your surgery, new hair roots will start to grow in the recipient region. These hair roots will get stronger over time. Approximately 1 year later, you can enjoy your fully-grown hair.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the common cosmetic surgery practices in this country. Men in Turkey are experience hair loss as in all other men around the world. For this reason, hair implant in Turkey is one of the advanced fields of cosmetic surgery.

Every year, more and more people are choosing Turkey and especially İstanbul for hair transplants. There are different hair transplant clinics in İstanbul. Also, these clinics have experienced and expert doctors. Hair transplant doctors in İstanbul are skilled. Doctors follow all the good practices of this operation.

There are various reasons for patients to choose İstanbul for their hair operation. First, clinics in İstanbul offer competitive and affordable hair transplant cost. Compared to other countries, clinics in İstanbul high-quality services for better prices.

Second, İstanbul is an amazing city to visit. Patients need to visit their clinic 3 days after the operation. In this visit, the medical team will show how to wash your hair. Also, your hair will be washed for the first time after hair transplant operation. For this reason, patients need to stay in the city for at least 3 days. While waiting for your next appointment in the clinic, you can discover the beauties in the city. There are lots of activities you can do after your operation. Visiting historical sites, going for shopping or relaxing by the seaside are some of these activities. When all these factors are considered, İstanbul is one of the best cities for hair transplant abroad. You can both have your strong and full hair back and also visit another city to spend an amazing time.