Six Pack Surgery (Abdominal Etching)

This article was updated on June 30th, 2023 at 09:52 am

Six pack surgery, also known as an Abdominal Exfoliation, is a type of beauty procedure available for both men and women. This is a technique that will enhance the look of abdominal muscles, especially from the belly button all the way to the chest.

Six pack: Muscles in the abdomen are usually composed of six separate parts and look like diamonds for men. And because of that, it’s called “six packs.”

Two pack: Women are usually divided into two different sections on the opposite side of the line, and this is called “two packs”.

Abdominal Exfoliation

Both men and women can opt for a six pack or two pack operation to improve the shape and definition of the abdominal area. Such treatments are often requested by those who wish to make themselves appear more slender and defined, but cannot succeed in achieving their goals through diet or exercise.

In particular, stomach muscle operations such as six packs may be carried out when no incision or scar is exposed to the skin. Less intrusive techniques such as Liposuction or Lasersculpting are typically used to perform this procedure. In order to improve the shape and texture of abdomen muscles, this surgical method allows us to selectively remove excess fat and increase muscle definition.

How is Abdominal Muscle Surgery Performed?

In order to determine and mark the lines of abdominal muscles in the abdomen during surgery, a surgical pencil or similar marking tool shall be used. The procedure will be started when the patient consents to it.

In particular, liposuction should be used to remove excess fat from the belly and target areas where a greater definition of abdominal muscles is required. The extracted fat will be processed and purified prior to injection into specified areas in order to improve the appearance of abdominal muscles. Appropriate implants or prostheses can be applied for achieving the results required if there are no available fat.

After Six Pack Surgery

After surgery, patients will get a more defined and sculpted appearance of their abdominal muscles. It is very important that we take good care of our health and exercise regularly, as well as eating properly, to ensure the results achieved during surgery.

The Recovery Process

Depending on the patient’s condition and size of operation, recovery time may be extended following Abdominal Muscle surgery. While the initial healing time may be delayed, it is important to keep in mind your doctor’s instructions for an optimum recovery and outcome following surgery.

To maintain and reduce bleeding, a bandage or compression garment must be worn on the abdomen after surgery. This bandage may be prescribed by your doctor for you to remain in place so that they can establish a period of time when it should be removed. The bandage plays an important role in helping to protect and heal the surgical site.

In a few weeks, you may be able to see the desired shape of your stomach muscles. At any rate, to maintain the results of an abdominal aesthetic procedure, it is important to note that proper health must be maintained. As the shape of muscles can be affected by changes in body weight, it is important to pay attention to nutrition and exercise. The benefits of surgery may be maintained if the body is kept at a constant weight and consistently exercised.

Costs of Six Pack Surgery

Several factors may lead to different costs for 6 packs of surgery. The following factors may influence the price:

  1.  Doctors’ experience and reputation: Higher fees for services can be charged by the most experienced or well known surgeons. 
  2. Geographical location: The costs of surgery may be different for the country, city or region where it is carried out. The prices can vary depending on the area with higher living costs or when demand for cosmetic procedures is high.
  3.  Surgical Facility:  The cost may be influenced by the type of facility in which surgery takes place. Hospital and specialist surgery centres, as opposed to an outpatient clinic, may charge additional fees. 
  4. Extent of Liposuction:  The cost can be influenced by the amount of liposuction that is necessary to sculpt abdominal muscles. When the liposuction is much bigger, it may cost more.
  5.  Materials used: Additional material, such as implants and substitute fats, which are needed for the purpose of achieving desired results may be deducted from the overall cost. 
  6. Anesthesia: The type of anaesthesia applied in the procedure may have an impact on costs. General anaesthesia may be more costly than sedation.


In the same way as in any operation, a qualified plastic surgeon specialising in body contour should be consulted for discussion on objectives, expectations and all risks or limitations that may result from this procedure. They will be able to examine your particular case, provide you with advice and assistance in all phases of the process.

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