Women always want to have a curvy look. But some people do not have the genetics to achieve that curvy look. No matter how much you exercise, your body might look flat. Body contouring for women enables women to have that curvy look they have always wanted. As medical treatments and technology have advanced, cosmetic surgery field also advanced. With current methods, it is possible to look great without anyone finding out that you had cosmetic surgery.

Hips of Jennifer Lopez are famous. Or we all know Brazilian butt. In most cases, you might need surgical or non-surgical intervention to achieve these looks. Also, women might experience skin sagging due to excessive and sudden weight loss. In some cases, women might experience fat accumulation around their belly, legs or arms. With body contouring, it is possible to solve these problems.

Why Do Women Want Body Contouring?

All women want to look good. To achieve that good look, everyone has different methods. While some follow strict diet and exercise programs, others benefit from the magical effects of cosmetic surgeries. In either case, women want to preserve their young and curvy look.

Body contouring for women will help women to achieve the look they want. This operation can help to achieve a thinner waist, thinner arms, curvy waist, and more defined lines. In all cases, different operations or non-surgical treatments are selected.

Depending on what women what, the doctor will provide certain options. These options include methods such as liposuction, fat injection, fillers and some non-surgical options. Patients will make a final decision depending on their needs.

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Surgical Body Contouring for Women

If you opt for surgical body contouring for women, you will need to plan your schedule for about 1-2 weeks. After having your operation, you need to rest at home for 1 week. This rest will minimise the body contouring operation risks. Additionally, your recovery will be much faster.

For fat injection and liposuction, you need to wear a special corset if you have the surgery for your waist, belly or hips. This special corset is a spandex corset. And you need to wear it for 6 weeks and 22 hours a day. This corset will prevent inflammation or oedema. So, before deciding on your surgery, you need to consider these things you need to do after your surgery.

Also, it is important to find a reliable doctor and clinic for your operation. This way, you will not worry about the operation and concentrate on your recovery.   


One of the most common body shaping methods is liposuction. In liposuction, excess fat accumulated under the skin can be removed. For this purpose, fat tissues are ruptured with a special cannula. This cannula is placed under the skin and moved backwards and forward to damage fat tissues. Then, these fat tissues are vacuumed with a suction device.

By using liposuction, it is possible to remove fat from waist, belly, arms and legs. As fat is removed from these areas, your body will look firmer and curvier.

Fat Injections

Another popular method to shape the body is fat injections. Fat injections are combined with liposuction. In this method, fat collected with liposuction is injected into certain parts of the body. When these two methods are combined, it is possible to achieve a curvier look.

In fat injections, fat can be injected to breasts and hips. This way, both breasts, and hips will have a fuller look. For this operation, the doctor’s skill and experience play an important role. It is important to inject the correct amount of fat to prevent a disproportional look.

Also, fat can be injected to face as well. This way, patient’s can have face contouring operation. After fat injections, the patient needs to wear special spandex corset. This corset will prevent injected fat tissue to distribute unevenly. Also, this corset will help to minimize fat injection complications. Another benefit of wearing the corset will be reducing oedema. After fat injection and liposuction, oedema is a common and unavoidable problem. Almost all patients experience oedema. By wearing the special corset, it is possible to prevent oedema to distribute.


Another common body shaping method is fillers. In fact, fillers are more common for face contouring. But in some cases, special body fillers are used for body contouring. In face contouring, fillers are used for achieving fuller lips, shaper jawline and more defined face line. Also, fillers will help to make the skin look smoother. This way, wrinkles will decrease and patients will achieve a younger look.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring for Women

In addition to surgical options, there are also non-surgical body contouring for women. Non-surgical treatments are often more affordable compared to surgical options. Also, recovery for non-surgical treatments is shorter than surgical options.

When you choose a non-surgical body contouring treatment, you can go back to your daily life almost immediately. However, you need to rest for a couple of weeks in surgical contouring operations. Women with active work-life or children do not want to spend too much time during recovery. Therefore, these women often choose non-surgical alternatives.

Heat Treatment for Body Contouring for Women

Heat treatments are the most common non-surgical body shaping methods. With these methods, fat tissue under the skin is either heated or frozen. In either case, the main purpose of these treatments is to eliminate the fat accumulated under the skin.

These treatments are applied as sessions. Depending on the selected treatment, a total of 3 to 6 sessions might be required. The number of sessions will be determined by the doctor depending on the method and the patient’s needs.

In these treatments, fat tissues are discarded by bodily functions. So, your urinary system will get rid of the excess fat.

Lifting Treatment

Another popular non-surgical body reshaping method is lifting treatment. In this treatment, a special ultrasound device is used. This device damages and ruptures fat tissue with a special soundwave. As fat tissue is damaged, they are discarded with the urinary system.

Is Body Contouring Risky?

As in all other cosmetic surgeries, body contouring also has certain risks. These risks are often associated with general anaesthesia. So, if you choose one of the non-surgical methods, your risks will naturally decrease.

Before the surgery, your doctor will inform you about associated risks. Once you accept these risks, your doctor will schedule your operation. For liposuction and fat injection, you might need to be hospitalised for one night. This is for precautionary purpose. You can be discharged and go home the next day. After being discharged, you can complete your recovery at home.

Recovery After Body Contouring Operation

Body contouring recovery process can take up to 6 weeks. Your body will adjust to the new situation. In the meantime, you need to use all the prescribed medication. While antibiotics will reduce your injection risks, pain killers will reduce your pain.

Also, it is important to avoid excessive physical activity especially after liposuction and fat injection. You need to move slowly and avoid lifting heavy things. It might be good to have someone around you for the first week. This way, you can get help for harder housework for the first week.

After a full recovery, you will feel like you never had your operation. But your body will look curvier, slimmer and fitter than before. Body contouring for women has permanent results as long as you take care of your body and adopt a healthy lifestyle.