Fat Injections For Permanent Embonpoint

Fat injection :

fat Injections is extracting fat from specific points of the body and inject back to the targeted area for ampleness after passing through special tests. The process, also known as lipo injection, is only performed at well-known clinics and professional doctors.

A fat Injections that provides embonpoint and volume to the body is especially needed for the face, chest area, and butt. After the fat injection process, there are no scars left on the body, and after one month, the process ultimately starts showing up.


Donor And Transplant Areas For fat Injections

The belly, waist, and butt areas for lipo injection are common donor areas. Along with that, the fat extracted from the patient’s arms and legs by standard liposuction and even eyelid esthetic surgery could be processed and used for a fat injection operation.

The face area is the most preferred location to inject fat in the fat injection process. Lip thickening, stretching the deep marks around the lips, sharpening the chin, cheekbone filling, stretching the marks on the face’s surface are successfully resulted after fat injection operation. Breast enlargement, shaping the bandy legs, butt enlargement, fixing the deformations caused by liposuction, shaping the hips, and such operations are also accomplished by Lipofilling procedures.

Does fat Injections Provide Permanent Results?

For an excellent injection, the fat tissues must be protected from getting damaged during the transfer process of the fats to the new area. All thanks to the improving Technologies, fat taken from the donor area can easily be transferred to the target area without exposure to the air. Also, extraction and transformation methods of the fat and surgical utensils carry immense importance for keeping the tissues healthy.

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Is It Possible Store The Injected Fat Cells For Later?

It is possible to hide the fat cells in a sterile frozen place to use them later. Those frozen cells reduce the work for another lipo injection operation.

3 Precautions Before And After fat Injections

– Blood thinner usage has to be stopped ten days before fat injection operation.
– If the client is on a prescription, the doctor must be informed about the medications.
– After the operation, a cold compress has to be applied to prevent swellings.
– Next day after the surgery, moisturizing creams could be applied.
– 4-5 days after the operation, light massage moves could be practiced. (Massaging helps the swellings to fade)
– After the operation, excessively hot and steamy environments must be avoided. (hot and steam may cause the swelling to increase).

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