Methods for hair transplant

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Methods :

  • SLIT technique:
    The establishment of the roots taken from the neck region in the hair is carried out by 2 techniques. One of them is a slitting technique. In the slitting technique, the channels are opened in thin flat sections in the field and the roots are placed.
    technically, it is possible to insert the root between each hair root in the planting of needles and to open the channels with fine holes to prevent the roots from damaging other roots. There is no need to cut the hair, and the existing roots are not injured at all.
  • FUT method:
    The old method FUT method is carried out by cutting the roots of the fleece in the skin by cutting through the area of ​​the neck where the hair is dense. In this method, the hair roots can be damaged. The number of roots added will be reduced and all good quality hairs will be planted. In this method, a trail is formed when the incision is made, and numbness and tension develop overall. It is an operation.
  • FUE method:
    In the FUE method applied in Estethica hospitals, simple hair roots are taken with micro-motors from the nape of the neck where the donor area is dense. It is performed without surgery under local anesthesia. Certainly there will be no marks on the neck. In the FUE method, 60 roots can be added to one square centimeter. One hundred percent of your hair is planted. It takes about 2 hours to get the roots. No numbness or drowsiness. There is no tension because the hair is not removed. The hair roots go into the natural structure. The hair roots are placed at 45-60 degrees so that you can orient yourself as you want. There is no risk of inflammation since it is without surgery. Also the beard, mustache, eyebrow, eyelash planting is possible with the FUE method.
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The perkutan technique (maxigreffe 3D); The needle is a special technique. the sample consists of placing the roots one by one with special fine needles in the area to be added. The channels are opened with special fine needles and a thin hole is made by giving an angle to each root and the placement of the roots is made. It is a special technique applied in some clinics in Turkey and around the world. It is applied in hospitals in Estheticland in Turkey. The healing process is faster. No trace of a scar.

The most important expectation in hair transplantation is to be able to catch nature. To do this, you must first do it correctly. Intensive planting of hair in the sparse area, give a good sense orientation for implanted hair, determine the root density to add to cm2 which increases the quality of the operation

hair transplant methods

It is very important in the process after hair transplant in Turkey as well as the proper hair transplant. After 2-3 days, the planted area begins to heal. During this time, do not damage the planted roots. In other words, it is necessary to protect the planting area from incidents such as rubbing and rattling. There is no harm or side effect to the person who does the hair transplant.

With the FUE method, the PERKUTAN 3D technique is also effective in women suffering from hair loss. It is possible to do a hair transplant, that is to say, a hair transplant, to women without cutting the hair as in men. There is a risk of damaging the hair on the area to be grafted by the SLIT technique. Because the cut is made to open the canal, other roots can be damaged.

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Hair transplantation is the only way for people who have suffered significant hair loss to regain their hair. Hair transplant is a procedure that provides solutions for men and women under local anesthesia. The hairline treatment gives excellent results if applied by the experts and the team correctly. Hair planting is carried out by teams of experts in esthetic hospitals.

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