Hair transplant cost in Turkey 2024

This article was updated on January 11th, 2024 at 10:51 am

Turkey is among the leader hair transplant countries. High success rates of hair transplant in Turkey and more affordable prices lead people around the world to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2024 are more affordable than in other countries…

FUE, DHI, and Percutaneous techniques are used in hair transplant operations. Since this operation is the key for permanent hair, it is hoped to many people who experience hair loss or hair thinning. Turkey is a global leader as the country welcomes thousands of tourists in health tourism and especially in the hair transplant field. Turkey has high androgynous hair loss due to geographical conditions and this country has a large hair transplant market. Independent, largest circulated newspaper of United Kingdom, wrote that Turkey has $1 billion worth hair transplant industry.

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Why is hair transplant is so popular in Turkey

Hair transplant cost Turkey in 2024 are affordable. However, this is not the only reason Turkey is popular in the hair transplant field. Advanced and developed technology for operations, expert doctors, minimizing complications, the easier recovery process for patients, maximum graft transplants attract numerous individuals to Turkey to have hair transplant operations.

Turkey is preferred in hair transplants since 3-4 days are needed for hair transplants. Various people want to spend this time visiting the country. Turkey is a unique alternative as there are numerous historical and touristic places.

How is the hair transplant in Turkey procedure followed?

After pre-examinations, you can choose Hairtransland and our translator friends on our team will welcome the patients at the airport. Later, we will direct our patients to our business partner hotels with our translator friends to rest that day. The next morning, we are transferring you to our clinic. In the clinic, we are completing your blood tests and our expert doctors will complete your hair transplant operation. After the operation, we are transferring you to your hotel to rest after the operation. The remaining three days entirely belong to our client. You can rest at the hotel or spend time discovering the amazing parts of the city.

On the last day of the procedure, we are transferring you to our clinic and we are washing your hair for the first time. After washing, we are giving you the products you need to use and transferring you to the airport.

* Prices include accommodation, transfer, and post-operative products and medication for clients who choose us for this procedure.

Why is hair transplant prices in Turkey differ

Both domestic and international patients are wondering about different hair transplant prices from different clinics. Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2024 depends on how the service is offered and service standards. Technique and equipment, equipment quality, number of grafts, the expertise of the expert have certain costs. As the quality of these parameters increases, overall costs and prices increase.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplant prices in Turkey in 2024 depend on the service quality and expertise of the team. In Estheticland, FUE hair transplant is 1800€, DHI hair transplant is 2500€ and a Percutaneous hair transplant is 2500€.