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    Best Hair Transplantation in Turkey is carried out with the most modern technologies and devices of competent specialists. In contrast to comparable intervention in Germany, the costs are, however, substantially lower for hair transplantation in Turkey.

    From there Best hair transplantation in Turkey offers not only the possibility to recover in a relaxed background of the intervention but instead helps simultaneously at the same time to save a considerable quantity of money. 

    We offer you the best hair transplant in turkey, a comprehensive, complete service for you. Benefits include a competent consultation in the forefield, English Turkish, and German-speaking care during your stay in Turkey, the organization of transfer between clinic and airport, your stay in the hospital, and your meal three times a day.

    Occurring costs for these achievements are in the arranged price already included for the hair transplantation in İstanbul.

    Also after the hair transplantation in İstanbul, we are available to you in your homeland in question gladly.

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    MicroFue technique For hair transplant in turkey

    • MicroFue is the safest hair transplantation technique that consists of extracting hair grafts from the donor area and transplanting it to the recipient area. It can be in the hairline, crown area, or even facial hair transplantation, depending on the case.
    • The first phase approximately takes 1 hour, and it is the preparatory stage of the operation. Your medical team will start by designing the new hairline and marking the recipient area. Then preferably, the hair is shaved entirely, but this may change from one case to another. Finally, the medical team call the patient into the operating room, where local anesthesia is applied to the “donor zone” in the back of the scalp.
    • Second PhaseThis phase takes approximately 2 to 3 hours.
    • It is the process of extracting the hair follicles one by one and sorting them into single hair follicles, double hairs, triple hairs, and quadruple hair follicles.
    • Hair roots are preserved in a unique solution until the end of this process. Following this, we take a break for food and other needs before going through the third phase.
    • Third PhaseThis phase may also take between 2 and 3 hours but can vary depending on the number of follicles harvested. 
    • Our medical team applies to the recipient areas, and the process of channel or canal opening begins. After calculating the depth of hair roots and the diameters, incisions are made for the transplantation.
    • Last Phase: This is the final step in the hair transplantation operation. It’s the implantation of the previously harvested grafts into the incisions. It is essential to have this performed by experienced staff because the direction of the planned follicle plantation must give the most natural result possible.

    Other Methods of Hair Transplant for best hair transplant in turkey:

    Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), otherwise known as the Strip technique, is a method that used to be in our practice before developing the FUE technique.

    It entails removing a strip of skin with hair from the donor area, which is located in the back of the scalp. The doctor then makes the closure in the donor area, which leaves a scar in that area.

    FUT is outdated because it leaves a scar in the donor area, and it requires a couple of weeks of downtime after the operation.

    Since the development of the FUE method, there have been many variations and branches of it, which may confuse the patient on what to chose, but we will summarize it for you below.

    Direct Hair Implantation, also known as DHI, is a method derived from FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) as it also entails the individual harvesting and implanting of each hair graft. However, in DHI, the hair follicles are implanted directly without previously made reception incisions.

    Choi Implanter Pen is a pen-like tool that enables the doctor to load the follicles into it and then implant them directly into the recipient area without the need for previously made incisions.

    MicroFUE is the most precise FUE technique until now. It entails the careful examination of the follicles’ size to select the most suitable punch size between 0.5mm to 0.7mm this ensures that the size of the punch is convenient with the size of the graft, which leads the grafts to hold up better. Hence, guaranteeing better and more natural results and fast recovery with no scars left.

    Why is MicroFUE for best hair transplant in turkey the Most efficient?

    •  100% Natural Results
    •  Non-surgical Procedure
    •  No Scarring
    •  Fast Recovery
    •  The Safest Procedure
    •  Transplanted hair lasts for a lifetime.
    •  No damage to your existing hair

    What should you pay attention to before and after the operation?

    Before The Operation

    Alcohol and aspirin usage should be stopped at least one week before.
    If there is any medicine you use regularly, you should consult your doctor.
    If there is any care spray or medicine you use for your hair, it is recommended to stop using it at least one week before.

    The first day after the operation
    First of all, you should follow the medical personnel’s recommendations and the most important one is to use antibiotics.
    You should take your medicines regularly and spend your first night after the operation resting.
    The transplanted hair will adjust to the area in 12 hours, there will be a bandage on your head throughout this period. You should pay the utmost care to it because it should not be open or slide.
    It is recommended for you to lie back on the first day.

    The following days
    After your bandages are open, the first cleaning and medical dressing are done in the hospital.
    You can have your bath that evening but you should be very sensitive to the transplanted area.
    It should be cleaned with little massage movements when applying shampoo.
    5 days after the operation, you should use creams and ointments that will be given to you by the clinic regularly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is hair transplantation painful?

    Hair transplantation is not painful. Due to the local anesthesia, the treatment for the patients is completely pain-free.

    Is the success of hair transplantation permanent?

    Remaining with a self-hair transplantation success is, means that the hair grows lifelong, as normal hair also.

    When does one recognize the hair stature of the transplanted hair?

    One recognizes the first visible hair stature about three months after hair transplantation, the largest change is after approximately 5-6 months to be seen.

    Does the transplanted hair a life grow long?

    After self-hair transplantation, the hair grows in a natural way lifelong.

    Is it also possible to transplant foreign hair?

    No, since the body’s own defense would repel the foreign hair and hair transplantation from there without each effect and therefore would be senseless.

    With which patients can self-hair transplantation be accomplished?

    Self-Hair transplantation can be accomplished with the persons, with those itself the effect of the male hormone implemented and a premature hair loss effectuation, which can concern quite also women.

    Is there an age limit for self-hair transplantation?

    The cause of premature hair loss is important. The age of the concern is important only in a certain connection. If with that naked eye the scalp is to be recognized, hair transplantation is the most meaningful and most effective solution.

    In which connection is age important?

    Starting from that 40. Year of life decreases hair loss. Therefore hair transplantation before this age must be repeated later approx. three times, since the hair loss had not achieved the full extent at the time of the first interference yet.

    How does one have to take much time into account for hair transplantation?

    Operational interference lasts approximately four to five hours. For complete hair transplantation, one must take about two days into accounts. If the interference is to remain unnoticed by the everyday environment in Germany, it is advisable to remain about two weeks in turkey so that no traces of the interference are more visible.

    Can hair transplantation affect harmful health?

    If one is healthy and no allergies against a local anesthetic have, that is almost impossible. There are not well-known arising side effects in reference to hair transplantation. Since at the technology a surgical interference takes place, it is theoretically possible that cicatrization disturbances arise. Something like that did not arise however so far ever.

    Are the standards of the hospitals how high inTurkey?

    The hospitals for hair transplantations are ISO9001:2008 certified, as well as of our management before examines. We obtain only hospitals, which we convinced and after the newest European Union standards to practice. Absolute hygiene and most modern technologies, as well as highly-qualified personnel, are in any case guaranteed.

    Is it possible to affect the appearance of the new hair?

    The later appearance of the hair is dependent on the applied technology influence. One can discuss a natural result before with the treating physician, how the hair should look later, in order to receive.

    Are the points of usage at the head visible?

    That depends on the applied method. With the technology remains a thin scar, which is only visible, however, as long as the hair is carried more briefly than 0.5 cm. With technology, no scars stay after hair transplantation.

    Are there new approaches during the hair transfer?

    FUE technology represents up-to-date the most modern technology for hair transplantations.

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